COMFORTdrive™ 200 XDR


Electrics Made Easy

KaVo’s most innovative handpiece - the COMFORTdrive 200XDR offers a blend of optimal performance and superior ergonomics with whisper quiet operation. COMFORTdrive delivers the precise cutting performance of an electric handpieces with the light-weight, ergonomic design similar to an air-driven handpiece thanks to the integrated micromotor technology.

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COMFORTdrive System

Superior Comfort

The COMFORTdrive’s unique patented design weighs approximately 40% less and is 15% shorter than market-leading electric options. The integrated motor reduces the distal length after the pivot point in the hand allowing for an unprecedented degree of control. KaVo’s innovative design reduces the fatigue with the comfort and familiar feel of air-driven high-speeds.

COMFORTdrive System

Whisper Quiet

COMFORTdrive operates at only 55 dB, making it one of the quietest high-speed handpieces amongst industry-leading brands on the market today. The whisper quiet operation provides a better patient experience and offers a comfortable working environment with the KaVo COMFORTdrive.


COMFORTdrive System

Cutting Power

The power of an electric system at your finger tips. KaVo COMFORTdrive offers 30W of cutting power in an innovative package. The patented integrated micro-motor offers the precise cutting performance of an electric handpiece with the light weight and ergonomics of an air-driven handpiece.

COMFORTdrive System

Precise Control

The COMFORTtronic control module features an auto-calibration “Plug-n-Prep” which allows for air-like “feathering” between 30,000 - 200,000 rpm with the foot pedal. It works off the current air source and no adjustment is required of any other equipment in the office. All these features allow you to have precise control while you work.

EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

Industry Leading Warranty

KaVo guarantees the quality of their handpieces. Our handpieces are manufactured with the highest quality parts and very close production tolerances. Protecting your investment with KaVo's QUATTROcare™ Plus increases our standard 2 year warranty on the  EXPERTtorque handpieces to 2 ½ years (US only).

Handpiece Model : Comfort Drive XDR 200

 Speed Range: 20,000 - 200,000 rpm

Bur Type:  Very lightweight and powerful - the most ergonomic KaVo handpiece

Overall Features: Plasmatec coating for improved grip, replaceable spray microfilter, Glass rod light conductor,ceramic bearings, 2-year standard warranty*

COMFORTdrive 200 XDR Handpiece, Part No. 1007.3570
COMFORTdrive System, Part No. 1007.3656
COMFORTdrive Full Operatory Package, Part No. 1007.4682




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