MASTERtorque™ Mini M8700 L


Direct Stop Technology With Improved Access

KaVo’s most powerful and amazingly quiet high-speed air handpiece just got better! The new M8700 L is KaVo’s quietest mini head high-speed at 59 dB, now features 11% more power at 19 watts, and NEW Direct Stop Technology.

  • Direct Stop Technology stops the bur in less than one second (on average) when the foot control is released. This increases working efficiency and reduces the potential for soft tissue damage. DST also prevents the drawback of aerosols and debris, increasing the life of the turbine and improving overall handpiece hygiene.
  • Our Master Series premium air handpieces operate at a very low frequency range; in fact, the MASTERtorque mini M8700 L is one of the quietest high-speed air handpieces around.
  • An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and helps create a relaxing environment for all. The unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation.

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MASTERtorque Mini M8700 L

More Power

Experience a completely new dimension of power. The MASTERtorque Mini M8700 L  handpiece features more power at 19 watts for approximately 11% more torque compared to previous generation KaVo handpieces.

MASTERtorque Mini M8700 L

Safe Preperations

Innovative Direct Stop Technology (DST) stops the bur in less than one second* and thus ensures increased safety during treatments. DST allows immediate re-commencement of work after lifting of the bur e.g. for checking of the preparation or changing of burs


MASTERtorque Mini M8700 L

Better Visibility 

KaVo's MASTERtorque Mini head offers better visibility due to its small size and a reduced diameter on the burr side. The improved sight angle allows better visibility in all directions.


Whisper Quiet Operation

MASTERtorque handpieces features effective frequency optimization to ensures a pleasant turbine noise and low noise levels of only 59 dB(A). The whisper quiet operation provides a better patient experience and offers a comfortable working environment.

EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

KaVo QUATTROcare Plus

Prior to every sterilization, the unique cleaning and maintenance mixture produces highly effective cleaning foam inside the instrument. The automatic dispenser delivers the precise amount of cleaner and lubricant time after time, leading to longer handpiece life and less repair needs.



Powerful turbine (19 watts) can cut through today's tougher materials

Mini head offers improved visibility and access

Quiet at 59 decibels

3-port spray

Field replaceable water filter

30N Chuck Strength

Plasmatec Anti-Slip Finishy

New angles for improved access

Push button auto chuck

Ceramic bearings

3rd generation cellular optics with 5-year warranty

Use at minimum drive air pressure 38 psi (2.6 bar)

MULTIflex LUX connection

440,000 rpm

2 year warranty - 2.5 year warranty if maintained using the KaVo QUATTROcare® Plus Handpiece Maintena

Part No. 3001.0000

MULTIflex Couplers


460LED MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 6-pin fiber optic coupler with MULTI LED bulb
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 1007.3201


465LED MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 6-pin fiber optic coupler with MULTI LED bulb
  • Spray regulator
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 1007.3197



  • For use with all 6-pin MULTIflex couplers
  •  Easily replace older halogen bulbs in MULTIflex couplers 465LRN and 460LE
  •  Color temperature similar to daylight (5,500 K and 25,000 LUX)

Part no. 1007.5372


1390 MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 5-hole connection 
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 0553.1390


457 MULTIflex Coupler

  • 4-hole connection
  • Non-optic
  • Not sterilizable

Part Number: 0553.1210


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