PROPHYflex™ Cleaning Powder


Professional Cleaning Powder

Professional and gentle cleaning with KaVo PROPHYflex™ powder available in a variety of flavors. 

With KaVo’s PROPHYflex powder you can clean fissures prior to sealing particularly gently and in the prevention of caries and gingivitis you can remove plaque, biofilm and discolorations very simply and effectively.

KaVo’s PROPHYflex powder is perfectly suited for applications is aesthetic prosthetics, to adapt the colour of health teeth to bridges, inlays or crowns or prior to bleaching. KaVo PROPHYflex powder - Easy and flexible for numerous indications.

KaVo’s Range of Prophylaxis Powders is Ideally Suited for a Multitude of Applications

Removal of discolorations, plaque and biofilm

Dental cleaning prior to sealing of fissures

Dental cleaning prior to bleaching

For prosthetic and orthodontic applications

For subgingival cleaning and prevention of periodontitis and peri-implantitis

Sodium bicarbonate powder with particle size 60µ - 70µ

PROPHYflex Powder Orange         Part No. 1000.8333
PROPHYflex Powder Berry           Part No. 1000.4243
PROPHYflex Powder Cherry        Part No. 1000.8334
PROPHYflex Powder Mint            Part No. 1000.4246
PROPHYflex Powder Powder     Part No. 1009.3732




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