RONDOflex™ Plus 360 with Water Spray


Potable Air-Abrasion Unit

  • The RONDOflex plus is a portable, easy-to-use abrasion handpiece that adds water spray to air abrasion technology.
  • The RONDOflex plus is an efficient, “snap-on” alternative to your existing air abrasion unit or a small investment to get you started.
  • Ideal adjunct to the DIAGNOdent™ Pen caries detection aid.

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KaVo RONDOflex Plus


The RONDOflex Plus is an easy-to-use, portable snap-on way to add air abrasion to every operatory.

KaVo RONDOflex Plus


To improve ergonomics and safety, every dental coupler features 360º full rotation with a quick disconnect and a built-in anti-retraction valve.

The anti-retraction valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water into the tubing. With the KaVo MULTIflex handpiece coupler in your practice, “just a click does the trick!”


KaVo RONDOflex Plus

Patient Comfort

The RONDOflex Plus features a unique water spray surrounding the powder jet. This water spray traps powder particles in, reducing particle overspray and increases patient and operator comfort without compromising cutting efficiency.


1 RONDOflex plus

2 Tips (Both 110° tips)

1 Reservoir 27 micron

1 Reservoir 50 micron

1 - 27 micron powder (75g)

1 - 50 micron powder (75g)

1 Small nozzle needle 

1 Large cleaning drill

2 Silicone reservoir covers

MULTIflex connection, sterilizable up to 275ºF (135ºC), 46-55 psi


Preparation of small carious lesions

Opening and extention of fissures

Surface roughening of preparations and restorations

Removes residual cement from crowns and bridges

Part No. 1002.2179


Tips For Rondoflex plus 360

110° Tip Angulation 0.018", Part No. 1002.9176
110° Tip Angulation 0.025", Part No. 1002.6251
90° Tip Angulation 0.018", Part No. 1002.9182
90° Tip Angulation 0.025", Part No. 1002.9179
0-Rings (pack of 2), Part No. 0200.6019

Tips for RONDOflex 2013

120° Tip Angulation 0.018" small , Part No. 1001.3254
120° Tip Angulation 0.025" wide, Part No. 1000.5698
90° Tip Angulation 0.018" small , Part No. 1000.3253
90° Tip Angulation 0.025" wide, Part No. 1000.5697