SMARTtorque™ Mini S605 C


Technology From KaVo, a Brand You Trust

KaVo’s Precision Engineering and Technology comes standard on all Smart Series handpieces.

​SMARTtorque Mini S605 C handpiece features a smaller head design allowing you the best access and visability during treatment proceedures.

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SMARTtorque mini S605 C

Technology From KaVo

The KaVo Smart Series features innovations like balanced turbine cartridges, unique angular design, quiet operation and reliability are now available at an affordable price.

SMARTtorque mini S605 C

Smoother Vibration-Free Performance

Smart Series handpieces have chuck strength of 30N for no bur-slip, concentric cutting and smoother performance. Also the handpieces operate at very low noise level and frequency making your office quiet.


Non-optic miniature head with 13 watts of power

Optimum balance between speed and torque

Standard 4-hole connection

Push button auto-chuck

1-port spray

400,000 rpm

Use at minimum drive air pressure 30 psi (2.1 bar)

30N Chuck Strength

1-year warranty

Part No. 1008.1645

MULTIflex Couplers


460LED MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 6-pin fiber optic coupler with MULTI LED bulb
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 1007.3201


465LED MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 6-pin fiber optic coupler with MULTI LED bulb
  • Spray regulator
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 1007.3197



  • For use with all 6-pin MULTIflex couplers
  •  Easily replace older halogen bulbs in MULTIflex couplers 465LRN and 460LE
  •  Color temperature similar to daylight (5,500 K and 25,000 LUX)

Part no. 1007.5372


1390 MULTIflex LUX Coupler

  • 5-hole connection 
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Not sterilizable

Part no. 0553.1390


457 MULTIflex Coupler

  • 4-hole connection
  • Non-optic
  • Not sterilizable

Part Number: 0553.1210


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