DEXIS™ Imaging Suite

Imaging Software

Next-Generation Software Architecture With Exciting New Features

DEXIS™ Imaging Suite serves as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process.

DEXIS is pleased to introduce the all-new DEXIS Imaging Suite! Building on our legacy of having the easiest to use software with the fastest workflow,* this next generation software architecture brings exciting new features including:

  • A cosmetic imaging module
  • An enhanced implant planning module
  • Added video capabilities in DEXimage™ with select 3D products

The software’s intuitive interface and its outstanding automation will let you breeze through X-ray procedures. Most common tasks are done in two clicks or less. Built-in X-ray sequences allow taking series with the fewest holder changes. With the introduction of DEXIS Eleven, your workflow is further simplified with drag-and-drop tooth numbering and the new history view which lets you sort a patient’s images by date for fast search and retrieval of a particualar image from the past.

When the sensor detects radiation, the image is automatically saved, dated, tooth numbered, correctly oriented and mounted, all without the need to return to the keyboard. Images are conveniently displayed in their anatomical location.

As a powerful, centralized imaging hub for all patient images, DEXIS manages all digital images, including intra and extraoral radiographs, as well as intra and extraoral photographs.

Stored images can instantly be organized, retrieved, printed and shared with patients, colleagues and insurance carriers. You can export and e-mail a full-mouth or bitewing series, including annotations, as individual files or as a single image.

DEXIS IconEasy To Learn, Simple To Use

DEXIS software is highly intuitive and easy to use. Most common procedures are done in 2 clicks or less. Its “1-Click Full-Mouth Series” makes it possible to reduce a 25-minute FMX procedure to just 5 minutes, start to finish.*

DEXIS icon automationOutstanding Automation

When the sensor detects radiation, the image is automatically saved, dated, tooth numbered, correctly oriented and mounted, all without the need to return to the keyboard. Built-in X-ray sequences allow taking series with the fewest holder changes.*

DEXIS Imaging Suite IconIncreased Productivity

Images are available instantly after exposure, eliminating the wait and effort spent developing and mounting X-rays. If an image needs to be retaken, it can be done immediately. Large onscreen X-rays make patient communication more effective too.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconModern Diagnostic Tools

The magnification feature, along with a comprehensive set of image enhancement tools, provide support for clinical diagnosis, including the identification of apical and carious lesions, open margins, bone loss and furcation involvement.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconCentralized Patient Images

As a powerful imaging hub, DEXIS manages all digital images, including intra- and extra-oral radiographs, as well as intra and extraoral photos. Stored images can instantly be organized, retrieved, printed and shared with patients, colleagues and insurance carriers.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconClearCapture™

This innovative method of image processing optimizes the signal path between image acquisition and on-screen display resulting in clear, highly detailed radiographs.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconPureImage™ Technology

The ability to see subtleties in X-rays is crucial to diagnosis, collaboration and patient communication. DEXIS hardware and software work in harmony to deliver the highest quality, most consistent images at the widest range of exposure settings.1

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconImage Enhancement

ClearVu™, DEXIS’ acclaimed image enhancement tool, uses advanced algorithms to further define the radiograph, resulting in clinically meaningful images that are sharp, detailed and rich in contrast.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconExport/E-mail X-rays

Export a full-mouth or bitewing series, including annotations, as individual files or as a single image for convenient sharing and collaboration via e-mail. JPEG and TIFF formats are supported as well as DEX format.

DEXIS Imaging Suite iconTailored Solutions

DEXIS accommodates the specific workflows of general dentistry and specialties including endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery.

Customize DEXIS Imaging Suite

DEXIS Imaging Suite next generation software architecture brings exciting new features including a cosmetic imaging module, an enhanced planning module, added video capabilities in DEXimage and integration with select 3D products.

DEXvoice Software Module


DEXvoice is an exciting NEW add-on module to the DEXIS imaging software that allows customers to use any Amazon Alexa enabled platform to integrate voice activation to their dental workflow.

  • Enable dental practices to improve productivity during image acquisition and patient presentation, keeping their attention on patients and not the computer.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.


DEXIS Imaging Suite

DEXimage™/Live Video

View, capture and manage intraoral and extraoral camera images from a digital photo camera, intraoral HD video camera or microscope. Live Video offers full video recording and playback capabilities as well as the ability to capture still images from recorded video. 

DEXIS Imaging Suite


This module greatly simplifies implant planning and selection with an extensive library of implant models. It provides a visual aid in determining placement near anatomic structures and long-term assessment of bone integration.

DEXIS Imaging Suite

DEXIS i-CAT™ & KaVo Link

Connect DEXIS, the 3D i-CAT scanner, and KaVo  ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D & ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D PRO with the all-new DEXIS i-CAT & KaVo Link. Seamlessly manage patient data and 3D images from 3D scanners directly from within the DEXIS application. 

DEXIS Imaging Suite


Customizable chairside report writer lets you ‘drag and drop’ intra and extraoral X-rays and photo- graphic images into a document. Use clinical templates or create your own letters and marketing materials in minutes.

DEXIS Imaging Suite


Quickly and easily configure and attach X-rays, pans, photos, perio charts, EOBs, treatment cards, etc., in support of insurance claims and send them electronically for immediate review by insurance carriers.

DEXIS Imaging Suite


Multi-user, multi-computer site license for operating the DEXIS system(s) and software modules on an unlimited number of locally networked workstations.

Integration Modules

DEXIS Imaging Suite


DEXIS Integrator™*

DEXIS works seamlessly with all major practice management programs,* providing easy access to all X-rays and photos directly from the patient chart. Simply click on a thumbnail from the Integrator pane to display a large, clinically meaningful image.

  • DEXIS Integrator
  • DEXIS Integrator for DENTRIX
  • DEXIS Integrator for Easy Dental
  • DEXIS Integrator for Eaglesoft

Automatically synchronized with the patient record, Integrator displays preview thumbnails of all available radiographic and photographic images for the patient.

Clicking a thumbnail image instantly displays a clinically meaningful full-size image, with no need to leave the charting program.

The QuickLaunch™ feature opens the DEXIS screen with a single click, allowing full access to functions including image enhancement and capture. Acquired images are automatically added into the patient record.

Other Integration Modules

  • DEXIS i-CAT & KaVo Link
  • DEXpsp™ Link
  • DEXpan™ Link
  • DEXtwain™ (formerly DEXscan™)
  • DEXcom™ (DICOM 3–Compliant)

* DEXIS represents that its DEXIS Integrator software is operable with practice management programs: ‘DENTRIX’, ‘Easy Dental’, ‘EndoVision’, ‘OMSVision’ and ‘PerioVision’ of Henry Schein; ‘Practiceworks’ and ‘Softdent’ of Carestream Health, Inc; ‘Eaglesoft’ of Patterson Dental. DEXIS is independent from, and not affiliated with, or a licensee of, the aforementioned companies.

System Requirements

CPU Intel® Core™ i3 Processor or higher
Motherboard Intel chipsets


Operating System

Windows® 7 (32-bit) Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise – SP1
Windows 7 (64-bit)* Professional – SP1
Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit)
Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
*IMPORTANT Note about Windows 64-bit: Not all hardware is 64-bit compatible, it is crucial to evaluate all digital hardware in your practice for 64-bit compatibility prior to purchasing or upgrading your PC(s) to 64-bit.
Windows Server 2008 – SP2
Windows Server 2008 R2 – SP1
Windows Server 2012 R2
Note: Dedicated file servers above are recommended in networks with more than 5 imaging workstations.
Note: DEXsync is supported on the following systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and R2,  Windows Server 2008 and R2.


Microsoft SQL

Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 (Express version supplied with software) Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Note: Express, Standard and Enterprise versions supported.


System Memory

   Workstations 4 GB or higher
   Servers 8 GB or higher


Hard Disk Drive

   Workstations 160 GB or larger
   Servers 500 GB or larger


Graphics Card


Capable of displaying a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels in 24-bit color or higher


21″ High resolution widescreen LCD with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 or better

Note: LCD monitors should be used in native resolution, and must display all shades of gray accurately.

USB USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Network Card

100/1000 baseT network cards

Note: Wireless networks are not recommended.

DVD Drive 16x or higher. Required to install the DEXIS software.
Mac Compatibility Mac® OS X® Snow Leopard 10.6 or higher running Parallels®  version 5 or higher and an approved Windows operating system (see “Operating System” above).
Supported Hardware Visit for a detailed list of currently tested and supported hardware.


Intel®Core™, Mac® OS X®, Microsoft®, Parallels®, and Windows® are trademarks of their respective owners.


See how utilizing the DEXIS Digital X-ray system in your practice can save you and your patients time and help grow your practice.
DEXIS Imaging Suite - Server Installation
DEXIS Imaging Suite - Workstation Installation
DEXIS Imaging Suite - DEXIS Integrator for Dentrix Installation


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