DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo

Digital Intraoral Sensors

Digital X-Ray Sensor

Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.

  • DX-Ti-ExImages-Icon   Extraordinary Images
  • DX-Ti-Features-Icon    SMART Features
  • DX-Ti-Durability-Icon   Sustainable Durability
  • DX-Ti-Comfort-Icon   Patient Comfort
  • DX-Ti-Warranty-Icon   Unconditional Replacement Warranty

DEXIS Titanium is compatible with DEXvoice™, an add-on module to the DEXIS imaging software that enables voice activation - Hands Free Workflow. 


Extraordinary Images

Increase confidence in diagnosis with CleanCapture technology, improved signal performance and expanded dynamic range.


SMART Features

Improve workflow efficiency with our new sensor motion- activation feature allowing you to capture X-rays without touching your computer.


Sustainable Durability

Enhance reliability with a sensor designed, engineered and tested to withstand impact and help eliminate failure.


Patient Comfort

Help deliver a positive patient experience with the DEXIS Titanium PerfectSize™ sensor and its award-winning TrueComfort™ design.


Unconditional Replacement Warranty

Included in your first year of ownership with your DEXIS Titanium is our KaVo Complete Premier level coverage, our most comprehensive protection plan. This includes an unconditional, no-charge next business day replacement. The KaVo Complete plan is available for the life of the product. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that your practice will be up and running quickly.


CleanCapture for Phenomenal Image Clarity

The new DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent, phenomenal images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels especially at low doses. DEXIS Titanium’s components were designed in a proprietary way to drastically reduce noise, clean data, safeguard image integrity, and balance and enhance performance — all so that you can see the anatomical details needed for diagnosis.


SMARTer, Smoother Workflow

First of its kind, our innovative sensor gesture-recognition feature will let you experience time savings and convenience in X-ray procedures. This feature changes what occurs in the operatory by providing you with workflow options—a new experience for you and your patients.  By simply making a gesture with the sensor, you can initiate image acquisition within the DEXIS software and begin taking X-rays without touching your computer.


USB that Alerts You

Upon detection of an issue, the sensor will automatically turn off to protect your patient from unnecessary radiation. Greater protection is achieved by the LED indicator light: Green = sensor is adequately connected, red LED light = power issue is detected.


Tough, Durable Housing

The new DEXIS Titanium housing, internally and externally, was redesigned to gain additional tensile strength. Its highly engineered thermo-plastic resin stands up to heavy physical use, bite force, impacts, and wide variety of disinfectant chemicals — keeping you and your patients protected.


Innovative, Robust Cable

A robust, durable external jacket better handles external forces like biting, twisting, tugging, plus eliminates cable drag and tangling. Kevlar-reinforced fill protects inner power cables, and helps prevent kinks and twists of wires to safeguard signal performance. The cable-to-USB connection now features short-circuit protection and a special “welded” process.


Strong, Comfortable Accessories

During rigorous testing, the holders upheld their integrity in tensile strength and material degradation. Biteblocks now have a protective cover for the sensor-to-cable connection for prolonged cable and sensor life. Plus, these new biteblocks deliver on comfort as they hug the sensor to avoid gaps that can catch on soft tissue.


Comfortable by Design

While retaining the award-winning TrueComfort™ design of the PerfectSize™ sensor that allows for utmost comfort and the use of one sensor for the capture of all intraoral images, new design changes to DEXIS Titanium provide added comfort to this SMARTer, more durable sensor. Fine-tuning of the new sensor’s shape and size lets you quickly and comfortably place the sensor for an even more efficient and less-stress workflow.


The DEXIS Promise

We are so confident in this revolutionary sensor that we now offer a unique unconditional replacement warranty, DEXcare, that continues under the KaVo Complete Program. Next day replacement sensor ensures your practice is up and running quickly.

View Manufacturer Warranty


Exclusive Sensor Health Data

Our highly skilled DEXIS technical support representatives can evaluate your sensor’s function and troubleshoot issues by gaining a greater amount of image capture data and parameters. Over time, sensor function and data analytics will occur in real time. We can then alert you of any anomalies in sensor performance such as voltage, current, and temperature, so you can keep operating smoothly.

The DEXIS™ Titanium Manufacturer Warranty Commitment

A Universal Protection Plan that provides unparalleled protection for all your imaging equipment.

Included in your first year of ownership with your DEXIS Titanium, is our KaVo Complete Premier level coverage, our most comprehensive protection plan, to give you peace of mind.

Typically, DEXIS Owners experience solid performance from their sensors for years, but should something ever go wrong, a KaVo Imaging Account Manager will be here should you need us. The KaVo Complete Premier coverage for the DEXIS Titanium provides the following:

  • Unconditional Sensor Replacement
  • No-Charge Next Business Day Replacement
  • Unlimited Telephone Technical Support
  • Unlimited Online Live Remote Assistance Primary Software Updates
  • Online Training Access
  • Onsite Technical Support Discount


Knowing you purchased a DEXIS Titanium, have confidence your product is covered with KaVo Complete Premier its first year. A guarantee that is truly unconditional!


Please contact your KaVo Imaging Account Manager at 1-888-ASK-KAVO to find out more.


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