Gendex GXDP-700 2D

Panoramic X-ray

The Power of Choice! Digital Pan, Ceph & 3D

The Gendex™ GXDP-700™ Series is the perfect solution for progressive dentistry — dynamic, modular and expandable. As your practice grows and your procedure offerings expand, you can upgrade on your timeline and within your budget, seamlessly and affordably.

  • The 3-in-1 system gives growing practices the ability to transform from 2D Panoramics to Cephalometrics and 3D
  • SmartLogic™ Technology stores the most frequently used 2D and 3D image capture settings, reducing setup time, and optimizing workflow
  • Allows different types of imaging for a wide range of clinical situations
  • Four modular customizable options are available
  • Easy to move between 2D and 3D scans
  • Acquires high-quality, repeatable images

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Your Imaging Future Starts Today

For over a century, Gendex has been dedicated to imaging excellence and providing total solutions that improve the clinical lives of doctors. This legacy of imaging solutions through award-winning products and extensive field testing now culminates in our latest innovation — the GXDP-700 Series, a 3-in-1 system that can help you achieve your clinical goals.

The Gendex GXDP-700 Series allows different types of imaging for various situations, giving you the flexibility to capture the images necessary for the procedures you perform. The modular system can be upgraded to cephalometric, 3D SFOV (small field-of-view), or both. So not only do you have the choice of a full complement of 2D panoramic imaging, you also have the freedom to expand as your practice grows.

Along with the ability to transform from 2D Panoramics to Cephalometrics and 3D, the GXDP-700 Series gives clinicians dependable image capture of a wide variety of radiographs. These images are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, root investigation, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures, as well as patient education.

With the GXDP-700 Series, you’ll benefit from a powerful product that provides fast, high quality imaging results time after time. The GXDP-700 S gives your staff the power of confidence and you the power of diagnosis.


A Robust System That’s Easy For Your Team to Use

The GXDP-700 Series begins with a robust system that features sophisticated styling and an ergonomic design. Beneath its beautiful, high-gloss exterior the system sports state-of-the-art electronics, heavy-duty components, and a sturdy, steel telescoping column. Gendex engineering and reliability provide its long-lasting dependable performance.

Inherent to all system configurations, and exclusive to Gendex, is SmartLogic™ Technology. When taking all 2D and 3D images, SmartLogic stores the most frequently used settings so setup time is reduced and workflow optimized.

The intuitive functionality of the GXDP-700’s touchscreen makes choosing imaging selections simple, efficient, and fast. Your clinical team members are sure to appreciate the easy-to-read screens with their easy-to-understand graphics.

With built-in functionality and thoughtfully developed tools, including EasyPosition™ and SmartMotion™, any member of your clinical team can acquire clear, detailed images, easily and consistently.


The Power of Flexibility, Upgradability and Repeatability

Clinicians can adeptly move from 2D to 3D like never before! With the touchscreen panel, choosing from a variety of region-specific 2D scan options or selecting the location and size of 3D FOV is simple and convenient. The GXDP-700 offers 33 panoramic options — 11 projections for three patient sizes, two 3D volume sizes plus a dose-saving scout view, and the ability to add cephalometrics — 15 options, 5 projections for three patient sizes.

When you are ready to upgrade, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment for a variety of procedures, from extractions to endodontics to orthodontics to implants. With an automated 2D/3D sensor exchange, two sensors that rotate to capture both 3D and panoramic, clinicians merely press a button to switch from taking 3D images to 2D panoramic projections. There’s no need to remove the panoramic sensor.

We understand the importance of providing a fast, simple and straightforward imaging solution for your team that delivers consistent images to you. With the GXDP-700 Series, you’ll benefit from a powerful product that meets this vital goal — high-quality imaging results, time after time.


An option for every practice

With four modular options, it’s easy to build a system that’s right for you:

  • GXDP-700 Panoramic Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 C Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 S Panoramic and 3D CBCT Imaging System
  • GXDP-700 SC Panoramic, 3D CBCT and Cephalometric Imaging System


Five user-friendly tools allow clinical team members to quickly and effortlessly position the patient:

  • Easy-to-access column controls
  • Sturdy chin support
  • Ergonomically designed handgrips help enhance patient comfort
  • Fully adjustable head support
  • Laser alignment lights accurately guide patient positioning


Single or Dual Sensor Solutions

With the 2D cephalometric upgrade, Gendex offers even more options. Choose a single sensor to move between panoramic and ceph to maximize your investment, or choose two sensors to increase efficiency in your workflow.


Your 3D workflow couldn’t be easier. After positioning the patient, use PerfectScout to zone in on the area of interest. This unique feature captures two, low-dose perpendicular images that display on the touchscreen panel. From there, the area of interest can be targeted — simply drag the crosshair into position, and then initiate the scan.

Focal Spot

0.5 mm, IEC 336

Tube Voltage

57–90 kV

Tube Current

3.2–16 mA

Nominal Voltage


HU Capacity


Minimum Total Filtration

3.2 mm AI

Wheelchair accessible


2D Panoramic

Image Detector


Sensor Pixel Size

100 µm

Image Pixel Size

100 µm

Scan/Exposure Time

8.6–16.1 seconds

Image Field Height

148 mm

Imaging Programs

Standard Panoramic, Small Panoramic, Wide Arch Panoramic, Orthogonal, Bitewing, TMJ Lateral Projection, TMJ PA Projection, Maxillary Sinus View


200 kg / 440 lbs

2D Cephalometric

Image Detector


Sensor Pixel Size

100 µm

Image Pixel Size

100 µm

Scan/Exposure Time

10–20 seconds

Image Field Height

17–260 mm


250 kg / 551 lbs

3D Small Panel

Image Detector


Image Voxel Size

85–330 µm

Scan Time

11–21 seconds

Exposure Time

1.2–12.6 seconds

Image Volume Sizes (H x W)

61 x 41, 61 x 78 mm

DICOM Support


Min. room height

2050–2450 mm

Minimum System Requirements for 3D Acquisition Workstation

CPU (processor)

Intel® Core™ i5, i7 or Xeon®, 4‑cores or more

GPU (graphics processing unit)

NVIDIA® Quadro® M2000 4GB or GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

RAM (memory)

8 GB or more

Storage (hard disk)

1 TB or more
RAID 1 or RAID 5 recommended for data
redundancy, plus backup


Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mb/s

Operating System

Windows® 10 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit
Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit
Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or
Enterprise, 64‑bit, with SP1


1920 x 1080 resolution (Full HD) or higher, at least 300 cd/m2 brightness for typical room lighting, native contrast ratio 100:1 or better, 8‑bit panel strongly recommended


OpenCL 1.1 support
DVD‑ROM drive
Anti‑virus software


Please refer to software and device installation manuals for detailed requirements

Core™, GeForce®, Intel®, Microsoft®, NVIDIA®, Quadro®, Windows® and Xeon® are trademarks of their respective owners.


Dimensional Drawings



GX0262 GENDEX 3D Fluke
Dr. Fluke discusses the importance of 3D in diagnosing and treatment planning.


Better Clinical Outcomes

Patients appreciate that there are immediate clinical benefits to them: fewer appointments, shorter appointments, less anesthesia, and better outcomes — and that is all driven by technology. If I can get a technology solution for my patients that gives them a better clinical outcome, you bet I am going to explore it. Gendex is the kind of company that provides products that let me do just that. Dr. Flucke is a paid consultant for Gendex. The opinions expressed here are those of Dr. Flucke.


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