KaVo OP 2D™

Panoramic X-ray

Simple & Powerful Panoramic X-ray

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 2D panoramic X-ray unit, by KaVo™, is designed for dental offices that demand a top system at a competitive price. The simple, yet powerful unit provides accurate patient positioning and high-quality images. 

  • Easy image acquisition with one-of-a-kind image quality
  • Accurate patient positioning
  • Optimal patient support
  • Laser positioning lights
  • V-shaped collimation
  • Reduced radiation dose 


One-of-a-Kind Image Quality

Trusted, reliable and effortless, OP 2D combines uncomplicated digital panoramic X-ray imaging with uncompromised quality for clear image excellence.

With the user-friendly OP 2D, patient positioning is intuitive and image capture is efficient. It could not be easier. Just select the imaging program and patient size from the integrated 5.7 inch, remarkably user-friendly touch screen. Every day imaging programs are available, including Adult, Pediatric, TMJ and Bitewing.

Image quality is a result of many things, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. OP 2D combines these for your benefit and provides you with quality images.

Accurate Patient Positioning

OP 2D follows the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH legacy with patient positioning. It has a stable 5-point patient positioning system to eliminate patient movement as well as three laser positioning lights to aid accurate positioning. Accurate and stable patient positioning reduces the need for retakes and movement artifacts.

We Care For Your Patients’ Well-Being

OP 2D offers tools to reduce the patient radiation dose, with 2D exposure values suitable for a wide variety of patient sizes by enhanced kV range and adjustable mA values. Exposure values can be customized for the best possible image quality with the lowest dose. Separate programs are available for adult and pediatric patients.


Stable Patient Support

The 5-point, easy patient positioning system holds patients still during the imaging procedure, reducing movement artifacts.

Accurate Laser Positioning Lights

Positioning can be made accurately with the help of three laser positioning lights. Adjustable anterior layer position can be set patient specifically for every anatomy.


V-Shaped Collimation Optimizes Image Quality

The V-shaped X-ray beam adapts to the human anatomy, ensuring a homogeneous image is produced. With the V-shaped beam, greater detail and a wider mandibular image layer is obtained as well as more penetrating power for the thicker maxilla area.


Customizable Exposure Settings

OP 2D exposure values can be easily customized according to user preference. Desired kV and mA values can be saved to unit memory to reach maximum confidence and familiarity.

Focal Spot

0.5mm IEC 60336/1993

Tube Voltage

63–81 kV

Tube Current

6–12 mA with 220–240 VAC (tube current limited with 100–125 VAC)

Nominal Voltage

100–125 VAC or 220–240 VAC, 50/60Hz

HU Capacity

30 kJ, 42 000 HU

Minimum Total Filtration

2.6 mm AI

Wheelchair accessible



Image Detector


Sensor Pixel Size

48 µm

Image Pixel Size

96 µm

Scan/Exposure Time

5–12 seconds

Image Field Height

147.5 mm

Imaging Programs

Standard, Pediatric, Segmented, TMJ Lateral, Bitewing


120 kg / 265 lbs

Minimum System Requirements for 3D Acquisition Workstation

CPU (processor)

Intel® Core™ i3, 2‑cores or more

GPU (graphics processing unit)

No special requirements

RAM (memory)

4 GB or more

Storage (hard disk)

8 GB free disk space, 100 GB or more recommended, plus backup


Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mb/s or Fast Ethernet 100 Mb/s

Operating System

Windows® 10 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported
Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise with SP1, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported


1680 x 1050 resolution higher, at least 300 cd/m2 brightness for typical room lighting, native contrast ratio 100:1 or better, 8‑bit panel strongly recommended


OpenCL 1.1 support
DVD‑ROM drive
Anti‑virus software


Please refer to software and device installation manuals for detailed requirements

Core™, GeForce®, Intel®, Microsoft®, NVIDIA®, Quadro®, Windows® and Xeon® are trademarks of their respective owners.


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