KaVo Complete

KaVo Complete

A Universal Protection Plan for your KaVo Imaging Equipment 

KaVo Complete offers peace of mind by simplifying the burden of managing individual contracts into one effortless, stress-free, and organized protection plan.

Call 1-888‑ASK‑KAVO to speak with a KaVo product expert to personalize your protection plan or for more information.

Coverage for Digital Sensors, Cameras, and Transillumination Caries Detection Devices

Online Live Remote Assistance*With our online remote assistance tool, our support team can view your desktop and take control of your mouse and keyboard to resolve technical issues quickly.      
No-Charge Equipment Replacement**To minimize downtime, we will send you a replacement unit should you experience technical issues under normal wear and tear use of the equipment.      
Next Day Air Equipment Replacement***To keep you up and running, our support team will send out a replacement unit as soon as an issue has been reported.      

Phosphor plate systems and wall-mounted intraoral X-ray systems are not currently covered under any protection plans.

*Complimentary with Gendex Branded Products

**A $2995 deductible applicable under the Core tier

***Under the Essential and Core tiers, a replacement unit will be shipped via 2 Day Shipping after we receive the unit

View Intraoral Terms & Conditions - US.

View Intraoral Terms & Conditions - Canada.

Coverage for 2D and 3D Extraoral Imaging Systems

Parts Included Direct from manufacturer parts tested specific to the rigorous standards of KaVo products.      
Labor Included Rest assured, there will be no unexpected labor costs and minimal repair time with our manufacturer-trained technicians who quickly and accurately diagnose your equipment issues.      
Invivo Updates* Create more effective treatment plans with updates that enhance treatment planning solutions.      
Additional Network License** Enables you to expand the network of your imaging systems for viewing and editing in multiple operatories.      
Annual TX STUDIO/Invivo Training Training conducted remotely by knowledgeable and caring KaVo product experts helping you and your staff seamlessly integrate your equipment into your practice as effectively as possible.      
Annual Maintenance and Calibration Equipment will receive annual maintenance and be calibrated to meet KaVo specifications.      

*Applies to 3D models only.

**Includes 1 network license (up to 4 seats in same office) for TX Studio™ and Invivo software.

View Extraoral Terms & Conditions.

Coverage for Handheld X-ray Systems

No Fault Repair CoverageAny issue with your Handheld X-ray unit will be repaired by KaVo to the original manufacturer's condition. In the event your unit cannot be repaired, KaVo will replace the unite free of charge.    
Next-Day Air Shipment of No-Charge Rental UnitTo keep you up and running, a rental unit will be overnighted to you at no charge when you have an issue.    
Annual Calibration Included Your Handheld X-ray system will be tested, calibrated, and certified to be performing at the original manufacturer's condition.    

View Handheld Terms & Conditions.