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With a thriving record of over 100 years of unprecedented innovation, KaVo dental is the foremost international leader in the dental industry. Our company’s reputation is preceded by an impressive history with more than 2,000 patents and a continually expanding worldwide market base fostered by 18 subsidiaries and 3,000 outstanding and passionate employees. They represent our ongoing commitment to our guiding principles of reliability, efficiency and market leadership. KaVo is a company that continually prioritises the needs and aspirations of its discerning customers. It is our aim and guarantee to always provide our clients with the absolute best.

KaVo Top Tips for Treatment Unit Purchases

KaVo has developed a list of tests, checks and recommendations to consider when embarking on the decision making process for a new treatment unit.

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Discover all products of KaVo India, dental chairs like ESTETICA E30, instruments, turbines and also x-ray devices.

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