Dental Chairs

The best treatment for your well-being

Comfort and ergonomics are essential

Achieving work-life balance is a major challenge for professionals. Dentists should ensure that they are well taken care of professionally to ensure a high quality life outside of work.
The figures are alarming: 64% of dentists suffer from back pain and 42% of headaches caused by poor posture*. To ensure that permanent damage does not occur and does not affect workflow, proper equipment is necessary to provide the greatest possible convenience, for the patient, as well as for the dentist. KaVo UniK equipment has forms and functions that perfectly match your needs. With KaVo, dentists and patients get what they deserve: the best treatment.

The category’s most versatile set

The KaVo UniK equipment combines versatility with quintessential KaVo quality. Its wide range of models caters to all level of your dental professional needs.

Designed to ensure biosafety and ergonomics in the dental office, the UniK translates into every detail of KaVo’s concern in offering these values: compact design, embedded pipes and seamless finish, all to support the dentist and his team in dental workflow.

Another aspect that allows professionals to depend on UniK equipment is KaVo’s commitment to excellence: the durability of all KaVo products is assured by continuous investment in high-tech  manufacturing processes and use of raw materials for high performance. The integration of engineering in Brazil and Germany and partnerships with national and international Universities for studies and  research also ensure that you enjoy the best and the latest technology in the dental industry.

4 Terminals Line

Dentist element with up to 4 terminals - Cart model (table withcastors), Standard headrest and Multifunctional foot control.


4 Terminals Line

Dentist element with up to 4 terminals and arm with manual height adjustment. Comfortable upholstery, bi-articulated headrest and Multifunctional foot control..


4 Terminals Line

Dentist element with up to 4 terminals and arm with manual height adjustment and pneumatic brake and assistant element with extension arm. Comfortable upholstery, bi-articulated headrest and Multifunctional joystick foot control.


5 Terminals Line

Dentist element up to 5 terminals, air hose system, and pneumatic brake and assistant element with extension arm. Comfortable upholstery, bi-articulated headrest and Multifunctional joystick foot control.


5 Terminals Line

Dentist element for up to 5 terminals and arm with manual height adjustment and pneumatic brake. Comfortable upholstery, bi-articulated headrest and Multifunctional joystick foot control.

Patient Chair

Steel structure, injected-foam upholstery, 100 % laminated PVC cover, seamless, two anatomic, folding armrests driven by electric motor reducer (24 V cc), and integrated floor box. Eight movements: 4 individual, 4 automatically synchronized (2 working positions and “Back to Zero” programmable by the professional) and last working position.


Chair with silent and smooth movement. Strict quality control and painting process preventing corrosion of metallic parts. The chair reaches close to the ground, which enables the patient to get onto the chair easily. Pivoting pointer between the seat’s backrest and seat is designed with ergonomic consideration to ensure that patient is comfortable in all positions of the chair Upholstery covered with 100 % laminated PVC, a noble material without weaves on the inside part (exclusive in this category) which provides a better finish and durability. Available in modern colours and with different types of finishes: gloss, matte, metallic, holographic and Dental Leather texture (allows proper sterilisation).


Dentist Element

Instruments support integrated and staggered in the table prevents instruments from accidentally falling. This design also facilitates cleaning. External regulation of air and water spray of instruments performed by the Dentist. Table manufactured with high technology and UV protection material that prevents yellowing of the pieces.


The adjustment of water and air spray of instruments can be performed conveniently and quickly by the dentist, without the need to call a technician. Holders for instruments come with an inclination of 45º, making it easier and ergonomic to handle.


Operating Light

Enclosed, safer and more practical operating light with double handles for the dentist and assistant. Synchronised on and off with the automatic movements of the chair. Generates cold light (neutral white colour) that prevents identification of deviations from the resin colours.


Fully-articulated arm that allows lighting of lower lingual arch and treatment of wheelchair user patients. Light can be adjusted between 25,000 and 8,000 lux, catering for minimum illumination during the preparation of the resin, avoiding early photolithography.


Foot Control

Foot control with integrated functions. Easy to use and enable more room for movement during treatments. Activates the functions of the chair, operating light and progressive control of the instruments rotation. Adherent to the floor and built with durable material and easy to sterilize. Available in 2 models: Multifunctional or Multifunctional.


Multifunctional Joystick model equipped with timed trigger.


Assistant element

Developed by means of high-tech manufacturing processes that ensure product durability and resistance. Folding assistant element, 45º turn that helps the assistant to get closer to the chair. Easy-to-access Porta detritos / filter located in the suction hose. Autoclavable porcelain bowl comes together. Available in 3 models.


High power Venturi suction system offers the best performance in the category. The Sewage tubing is completely embedded in the seat and this helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitates the cleaning of the floor. 2 models of exclusive tubs.

Available Accessories

4 Terminals Line
  • Dentist Element
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical movement, with manual or pneumatic brake height adjustment, as well as cart system (table with casters).
  • Auxiliary tray in stainless steel with or without edges.
  • Negatoscope for up to 6 periapical x-rays.


5 Terminals Line
  • Dentist Element
  • Suspended hoses or rods and air hoses system versions. Negatoscope for up to 4 periapical x-rays.
  • Option of installing Electric micromotor K-200.


Suction Device
  • Option of including the water system in the cup.
  • Filter for water in glass system.
  • Venturi and / or Vacuum Pump system suction device.
  • Allows the coupling of the photopolymiserator Poly 600 (accessory).


Patient chair
  • Option of standard or bi-articulated headrest.
  • Option of Slim or Comfort padding.


Foot control
  • Available in two versions: Multifunctional or Multifunctional Joystick.


Design and comfort for you

KaVo dental stools are ergonomically designed to ensure that dentist are able to work in a relaxed manner and their posture is correct. Available in 4 models, KaVo working chairs offer design and comfort for professionals. Ergonomically designed to ensure that the human body does not suffer from unnecessary tension; it provides comfort to the professional. It helps to ensure proper alignment of the spine and muscular balance by avoiding vein compression.

Gas system for height adjustment of the seat. Swivel base with five casters. Easy adjustment of backrest tilt and height with independent lever, allowing anatomical fit. Thick foam upholstery, covered with laminated PVC, ensuring greater resistance and strength. Seamless to enable easy sterilisation.


Integration with your practice

It is essential to possess the correct and required equipment in your profession. You cannot perform your work professionally and efficiently without reliable dental instruments. For the dentist, it is even more important to have products that combine professional safety with quality standards, preferably from an established brand which is a high-tech leader in dentistry. Products must be of the highest standard, so that dentists can fully concentrate on their work without worrying about malfunctions. Our line of products for your practice comprises every need and integrates KaVo Dental Excellence into your workplace seamlessly so you can concentrate on your work with a piece of mind.

Brighten up your environment!

Being versatile is being able to express yourself through elements that are present in your daily life. The ability to choose what best suits your personality is an integral part of your wellbeing. Our new colour lines are designed to give you more options, taking into account the different materials and the environment you live in, thus enhancing your style.


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