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The ultimate all-in-one device for intuitive operation and integrated endo function. KaVo ELECTROmatic™ Premium, available with one or two motors for easy prep and integrated endo function. Available with one or two motors for easy prep and integrated endo function. The preprogrammed file systems make it easy to plan and customize your endodontic sequence.

  • All-in-one device with special prep mode and endo mode with torque limit control
  • Up to 5 speed memory presets available in prep mode
  • Powerful KL703 LED Motor with ISO 3694 coupling
  •  Dual motor option for easy switch between high and low-speed functions
  • SMARTdrive™ sensorless control allows a high torque at low speed ranges
  • Pairs perfectly with KaVo MASTERmatic attachments
  • Very easy to adjust speed with a slider on display
  • Large 4.3" TFT color touch screen display
  • Intuitive programming adjustment
  • Scratch-resistant Dragontrail® glass display, which is six times harder than standard glass
  • Smooth surface and easy to clean
  • System displays bur speed when selected gear ratio of handpiece is set
  • Remote mount display for best ergonomic viewing positions

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Easy speed control

The ELECTROmatic motor system delivers constant speed and constant torque, allowing precise preparations at the defined speed. Easily adjust the speed on the control system display for a wide range of indications.


Easy to Use

ELECTROmatic Premium features an intuitive user interface. Its simple design and clear picture indications make the systems functionality easy to operate.

Prep mode

Within the prep mode it is very easy to change settings:

  • 5 programmable speed settings
  • Selectable gear ratio of handpiece — shows actual bur speed
  • Motor forward / reverse

Easy-to-Use Endo Functionlity

ELECTROmatic Premium features both a prep mode and a special endo mode. The endo mode allows up to 5 individual endo sequences, with up to 10 files each. The system offers a pre-programmed file database including over 20 endo file systems all with preset parameters like diameter, taper and ISO color mode.


Endo Workflow Setup

Define up to five individual endo sequences. For each sequence choose between one of the pre-defined endo steps E0-E9. Choose the preferred file system, set the desired diameter/taper and the system automatically displays the maximum speed and torque for the selected ISO file. Name your new file sequence with any desired description.


Work Easily in your Endo Workflow

At the top of the touch display, select one of your five endo sequences. Start with endo step E0 and continue through each preset. The display shows the file name with ISO color code, taper and diameter. If necessary, change the desired speed and torque with the active slider at the bottom of the screen.

  • Water is automatically blocked in endo mode
  • Gear ratio options 1:1, 3:1 and 8:1
  • Torque control, auto-reverse, auto-reverse/forward options 
  • Motor forward/reverse options

Ergonomic & Installation Options

The ELECTROmatic Premium system can be installed in many positions to reach highest flexibility and perfect ergonomics. All necessary fixtures are provided for installation on any delivery unit, cabinet or dental cart. The display can easily be installed remotely and the control box can be mounted conveniently out of view.

View brochure for additional mounting options


Fast Installation & Automatic Setup

After mounting the ELECTROmatic Premium control module in the desired location, all you need is to connect the supply air tubing(s), the motor tubing(s) and the power supply, then the system is ready to use. With the first push of the treatment unit foot control, the system is automatically calibrated to the existing system air pressure.


Dimensions (inch)

5.9 x 4.6 x 1.4


5 presets in prep mode
5 programmable endo workflows with up to 10 files each 
22 pre-progammed file system 

Media Input

via standard 4-hole, 5-hole or 6-pin air tubing connection  
System pressure: 1.8–5 bar, Spray air: 1.0–2.5 bar, Spray water: 0.8–2.0 bar, Water filter element included

Package includes

177 inch power supply cable and all mounting hardware

Drive Included

1 x KL703 or 2 x KL703 or 1 x KL703 and 1 x COMFORTbase™

with 2 x KL703 LED motor standard tube (69 inch)*, Part No. 1012.8547
with 1 x KL703 LED motor standard tube, Part No. 1012.8545
with 1 x KL703 LED and 1 x COMFORTbase standard tube (69 inch)*, Part No. 1012.8549

* Optional long tube (87 inch) available 



Max. 3.0 Ncm

Max. 0.4 Ncm

25,000 LUX

25,000 LUX

100–40,000 rpm

20,000 - 200,000 rpm


Short Introduction Into The KaVo ELECTROmatic System
ELECTROmatic-Instalation Position 1-Mount below a holder
ELECTROmatic-Instalation Position 2-Mount on the side of a Dental Unit/Head
ELECTROmatic-Instalation Position 3-Remote Mount Face Plate




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