EXPERTmatic™ E10C


Low-Speed, Straight Handpiece

The EXPERTmatic™ E10C is a 1:1 transmission straight handpiece with EXPERTgrip™ for better handing and ergonomics.

The unique cooling system of the EXPERTmatic provides the optimal amount of cooling to prevent overheating of the tooth structure for safer preparations.

logo bug Made in Germany

 Transmission 1:1, for straight handpiece burs

 Speed range up to 40,000 rpm (electric motor) and 20,000 rpm (air motor)

 Internal air/water coolant


 Universal “E” type connection

Compatible with INTRAmatic 181 M Quick Disconnect Air Motor

 2 year warranty - 2.5 year warranty if maintained using the KaVo QUATTROcare™ Plus Handpiece Maintenance System

Part No. 1007.5560




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EXPERTmatic E10 C
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