Maintenance and cleaning products

Effective care and hygiene products from KaVo.

Ever-changing hygiene guidelines and new dental practice standards for cleaning and disinfecting dental equipment facilitate safety and protection against both infections and cross-contamination, but also require dedicated focus and resource within the practice. Another time-consuming, but relevant, aspect is periodic instrument maintenance.

The optimal combination of instrument and equipment hygiene and care in a dental practice must therefore proceed quickly, easily and effectively – no challenge whatsoever with KaVo at your side. KaVo has ideal solutions for achieving reliable and efficient hygiene processes and care routines. These solutions ensure safety and the retention of the KaVo product quality, elegant appearance and durability over long periods of time.

Hygiene and care in the dental practice – efficiently.

Intelligent concepts traditionally come from KaVo.

Reliable hygiene and effective care always go hand-in-hand in the dental practice. This is precisely why they already play a definitive role during the development of KaVo products. More than a hundred years ago, KaVo developed the first sterilizable handpiece, setting new standards for guaranteeing hygiene during dental treatments.

In keeping with this tradition, KaVo products are characterised by intelligent hygiene features and simple hygiene and care applications - including perfectly formulated KaVo cleaning and care solutions at the expected KaVo quality. This is dental hygiene excellence.

QUATTROcare Plus

Did you know?

KaVo developed the first sterilizable handpiece in 1928, revolutionising the way that hygiene is guaranteed in dental practice.

Clean, disinfect, maintain and sterilize instruments.

At KaVo, you will find valuable content on the world of KaVo hygiene.

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  • The practical care plan for you to print out
  • Important tips to maintain the value and longevity of rotary instruments can be found in the KaVo care manual
  • Care couplings and adaptor portfolio for QUATTROcare PLUS