SONICflex™️ cem

  • Gentle and precise application of inlays
  • Reduction of the marginal gap
  • Improved fit of the inlay

Tip forseating a laboratory restoration with gentle sonic vibrations.

The Problem

Marginal adaptation: Its quality will be decided in the few minutes in which the prosthesis is inserted. An irregular marginal adaptation impairs the quality and life of the inlay.

The solution

The KaVo SONICflex cem tip (0.571.5431) with plastic cap for gentle and precise insertion of inlays. It is specially covered.

SONICflex prep cem Tip

SONICflex prep cem tip No. 12

  • Therapy: gentle and secure placement of inlays
  • Form: rounded plastic cover
  • Order number: 0571.5431
    (compatible with SONICflex 2000 N / L, 2003 / L) 
  • Order number: 1006.2021
    (compatible with SONICflex 2008 / L, 2008 S / LS)
  • Order number: 0571.7142
    CEM attachment