KaVo Scalers and Tips

The innovative solutions with the benefit of variety.

From prophylaxis to surgery, endodontics and even through to minimally invasive caries treatments: Working with a KaVo scaler offers a degree of flexibility and comfort that leaves other methods behind – your patients will be as impressed as you are.

With two innovative sonic and ultrasonic scalers, combined with the portfolio of scaler tips, KaVo offers the right solution for effective and gentle treatment over a wide range of application and indication areas.

This is dental excellence taken to the extreme – offer premium treatment with KaVo scalers and tips at all times.

Simply the best portfolio – the right tip for every treatment.

Simply attach the tip for the desired treatment and select the appropriate power level: and now you are done. With over 50 different tip attachments, the KaVo SONICflex air scaler offers far more potential uses than most other air scalers on the market. This wide range of indications will captivate you during routine dental practice and offers you a real benefit in terms of flexibility with maximum
treatment comfort. There is also a clever additional option: All tip attachments for the KaVo SONICflex 2008 L can be replaced particularly quickly and easily with just one revolution, thanks to the clever short thread. With so much flexibility and treatment comfort, the KaVo SONICflex air scaler will definitely become the instrument of choice for a variety of treatments.

  • Prophylaxis
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Dissection
  • Minimally invasive caries therapy
  • Surgery
6000 Hz

Oscillating movement

the tip of the SONICflex air scaler.

> 50


for a wide range of indications.

> 50

Possible applications

with the SONICflex air scaler.


Performance settings

for the SONICflex air scaler.

KaVo SONICflex air scaler – the universal genius in everyday practice.

Comfortable and effective treatment with ultrasound.

Treatment with the KaVo SONICflex Airscaler is painless and gentle. Its quiet and consistently powerful oscillating movements at approx. 6,000 Hz make precise work particularly comfortable and effective, both in routine prophylactic applications and in a large number of surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

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