KaVo Quality Instruments

The right precision instrument for every dental treatment.

Dental instruments must always work with uncompromising precision. This is why the KaVo instrument portfolio offers the right product for all dental treatments and indications. Dental instruments from KaVo meet the highest demands, captivating users with the highest precision, resilience and reliability – for optimal treatment comfort, efficiency and absolute patient satisfaction.

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instruments sold worldwide are proof of dental excellence.

95 %

of all KaVo Dental instrument parts

are produced in Biberach – at KaVo, quality feels at home.

100 %


from the raw material to the finished dental instrument, everything comes from a single source at KaVo.

98 %

instrument repurchase rate

- that is customer satisfaction at KaVo level.

The development of KaVo instruments

From development to use in the dental practice.

Made in Germany.

All KaVo instruments are made in Germany.

  • Outstanding durability
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Small head sizes
  • Innovative surface coating for the best grip
  • High power and removal performance
  • High-tech FG chuck
  • Thermodisinfectable and sterilizable up to 275°F

The comprehensive KaVo instrument programme:

KaVo Electrics

A new era of dentistry

With KaVo handpieces and contra-angles everything is under control – maximum power, smart technology and innovative comfort.

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Air-driven turbines

Top-of-class dental turbines from KaVo

Ignite your passion with KaVo dental turbines, but quietly: for maximum power, intelligent features and modern comfort.

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Couplers and Motors

Make the most of our great connections: KaVo offers suitable connections for the most common couplers from other companies.

We have suitable connections for Sirona and NSK couplers and more, so you won’t miss out on the quality of KaVo instruments.

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Maintenance and cleaning products

Be assured of the best preparation.

There are no compromises when it comes to the effective processing of dental instruments – play it safe with KaVo.

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KaVo Scalers and Tips

Extreme comfort and flexibility.

Hygiene & Specialty

Prophylaxis, restauration, endodontics and much more.

KaVo represents Dental Excellence – for every application. There is a smart KaVo solution for every challenge.

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It's the care that counts!

Cleaning, care and proper reprocessing of your KaVo instruments will keep your handpiece running at its peek performance. Dowload your copy of our KaVo Care Brochure for tips to maintain your quality KaVo Handpieces. 

Downloadthe thr KaVo care brochure

The promise: Your wishes are our starting point.

The development of a KaVo instrument often begins in dental practices like yours. 

During numerous technical discussions around the world, we take note of your requirements and suggestions and, from those, derive the features for new KaVo instruments. 

These may include a refined instrument head size for a better view of your work, easier hygiene and any specific requirements from your specialist area of work: What you come up with sets the goals pursued by our product developers.

Yesterday, today and in the future: Made in Biberach – for real teamwork.

KaVo places high importance on 100% Made in Germany quality when manufacturing instruments: All dental instruments are manufactured exclusively in the main factory in Biberach. 

This also enables specialists from design, development, marketing and sales to work together on-site in Biberach throughout the entire product development process – so that KaVo instruments not only meet, but
definitely exceed, the highest requirements. 

Preliminary drawings become 3D data, and initial material samples become final prototypes Once everyone is satisfied, production tests begin for the KaVo instruments that you will later be thrilled to use every day at your practice.

The endurance test: Tested in Biberach, proven in practice.

To ensure KaVo instruments can cope with the tough conditions they will face in practice, they have to pass some very rigorous tests. 

In our development laboratories, we simulate the kind of stress that equipment will encounter during years of use. Can the instrument complete several billion rotations without problems? Is the retention force at the bur really as high as 30 newtons? 

Does the turbine still stop in less than a second after being used for the thousandth time thanks to the innovative Direct Stop Technology? Once the quality and performance of our instruments is beyond any doubt, pre-production testing is concluded and serial production can begin.

Space for true quality: 400 employees and 11,500 square meters of space.

Our production is not only Made in Biberach, the vertical integration at KaVo is also at least 95%, which means: Almost all of the up to 50 components of a KaVo instrument are also manufactured in Biberach. 

From delivery of the raw materials to the final inspection of the finished instruments, the 400-plus highly qualified employees at the 11,500 square meters production site are focused on the tiniest details. 

Ultra-precise production, based on tolerances in the µ range (one µ equals 0.001 mm), ensures that you in turn can work with real precision at your practice.

It is virtually impossible to offer you more room for precision.


A clean thing: Ultra-clean quality inside, dust kept outside.

The final assembly of many KaVo instruments is performed in special dust-free rooms. 

To stop even the smallest dust particle impairing the great quality associated with KaVo, the air is constantly
cleaned and purged. 

Temperature, humidity and air pressure are also kept constant This is the only way that each individual KaVo instrument can pass its thorough final inspection prior to delivery.

Over 6 million instruments: Quality pays - every single day.

KaVo has already sold over 6 million instruments worldwide. This includes the KaVo EXPERTmatic E25 L, which is one of the most successful dental instruments ever with over 100,000 pieces manufactured to date. 

But for KaVo, quality both today and in the future is more important than previous sales figures. And this is why every single instrument undergoes final testing — and a final polish — prior to delivery. 

So it can make a dazzling impression at your practice for the whole of its working life.

The consistently reliable partner by your side.

Dental Excellence since 1909: Innovation and quality are traditions that have kept KaVo oat he forefront of the dental industry for more than 100 years. The companyh was founded in 1909 by Alois Kaltenbach in Berlin-Steglitz. 

It became known as Kaltenbach & Voight (KaVo) when Richard Voigt joined the comapany in 1919 and is now a trusted partner for dentists and dental technicians worldwide.