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You have made an appointment with the Technical Service and you have received a 6-digit meeting-ID. In case you have not made an appointment, please contact the Technical Service.

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Details regarding the use of data and data protection

  • After keying in your name and the 6-digit meeting ID an encoded connection will be built up between you and the contact person of the KaVo Technical Service.
  • Any image information transmitted during this session will be recorded by us.
  • You can find the KaVo data privacy policy here. The data privacy policy describes how we handle, save and use your personal data.
  • You are entitled to demand, at any time, the deletion, completion or correction of your personal data saved by us. For this purpose you can send us an e-mail to
  • By clicking on "Start / Continue / Participate", you confirm that you have read and understood data privacy policy, the general terms and conditions of business and the processing addendum of KaVo, and agree with them and with the recording of the session.
  • You can finish the session at any time by closing the browser window or by finishing the program. In case your KaVo contact person should finish the session, your participation in this session will automatically be finished as well.