PiezoLED™ and PIEZOsoft™ tips


All important indications are covered by KaVo ultrasonic scalers due to the comprehensive range and scaler tips to furnish you with the proper solution for your dental practice. This dental supply allows you to achieve excellent treatment results in a very short time.

Specialised tips are available for the following indications: 

  • Prophylaxis
  • Periodontology
  • Preparation
  • Endodontics
  • Implant cleaning

Overview Tips & Accessoires

Material number Designation PIEZOsoft PiezoLED Content
032.1911 PIEZO tip Starter package   12 tips no.s 201, 202, 203, 212, 213, 214, 220, 221, 222, 225, 227, 228 with Cem attachment
PIEZO tip Endo wrench
Endo files
  PIEZO Scaler tips      
1.007.4004 PIEZO Scaler tip set 3 PIEZO Scaler tips no.s 201, 202, 203 each with torque wrench
six-piece Steribox
Wear and tear measuring card
1.007.4024 PIEZO Scaler tip 201  
1.007.4026 PIEZO Scaler tip 202  
1.007.4028 PIEZO Scaler tip 203  


PIEZO Paro tips

1.007.4006 PIEZO Paro tips   3 PIEZO Paro tips no.s 212, 213, 214 each with torque wrench
six-piece Steribox
1.007.4032 PIEZO Paro tip 212    
1.007.4033 PIEZO Paro tip 213    
1.007.4034 PIEZO Paro tip 214    
1.007.4039 PIEZO Paro tip 210    
1.007.4042 PIEZO Paro tip 211    


PIEZO Cem tips

1.007.4027 PIEZO Cem tip 225   Tip without attachment
1.007.4015 CEM attachment   6 Cem attachments

PIEZO Prep tips

1.007.4035 PIEZO Prep tip 226    
1.007.4036 PIEZO Prep tip 227    
1.007.4037 PIEZO Prep tip 228    
1.007.4038 PIEZO Prep tip 229  

PIEZO Endo tips

1.007.4040 PIEZO Endo tip 220    
1.007.4041 PIEZO Endo tip 221    
1.007.4043 PIEZO Endo tip 222   File holders for Piezo Endo files
1.007.4020 PIEZO Endo tip wrench   For the installation of PIEZO Endo 222 file holder and the PIEZO Endo files
1.007.4011 PIEZO Endo file set   5-piece set stainless steel files each with 6 files ISO 15, 20, 25, 30, 35

PIEZO Implant tips

1.007.4008 PIEZO Implant tip set   PIEZO Endo tip 222
PIEZO Endo wrench
4 attachments
1.007.4014 PIEZO Implant Refill tip set   4 attachments


Please note our recommended settings for the tips!

PIEZO Scaler 201

For the removal of supragingival calculus in all quadrants

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4024




PIEZO Scaler 202

Removal of supra- and subgingival calculus in all quadrants, especially suitable for dental interstices and the sulcus area

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4026





PIEZO Scaler 203

For removal of subgingival deposits on root surfaces. Also suitable for periodontal preventative treatments/ checkups

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4028





PIEZO Paro 210

Diamond-coated tip with 15μm grain for thorough root planing in direct line of sight, for smoothing restoration projections and also extension of furcation roofs

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4039




PIEZO Paro 211

Diamond-coated tip with 70μm grain for thorough root planing in direct line of sight, smoothing restoration projections and also extension of furcation roofs

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4042




PIEZO Paro 212 + 213

Left- and right-handed tips for periodontal debridement, especially suitable for inaccessible proximal surfaces and in particular for root furcations

Paro 212: Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4032
Paro 213: Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4033




PIEZO Paro 214

For rinsing and disinfection of periodontal pockets, especially suitable for checkups

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4034




PIEZO Cem 225

For cementing ceramic inlays, onlays, and veneers

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4027




PIEZO Prep 226

Diamond-coated preparatory tip in spherical form for opening up small occlusal and buccal defects

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4035




PIEZO Prep 227

Partially diamond-coated preparatory tip for finishing proximal mesial cavity edges

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4036




PIEZO Prep 228

Partially diamond-coated preparatory tip for finishing proximal distal cavity edges

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4037




PIEZO Prep 229

Diamond-coated tip for cleaning and enlarging fissures prior to sealing

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4038



PIEZO Endo 220

Conical tip with diamond-coating for easy location of root canals and for removal of calcifications from the coronal third of the root system.

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4040




PIEZO Endo 221

Fine, diamond-coating tip for removing of steps and other obstructions in the root canal, e.g. by the removing of broken off tip section.

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4041




PIEZO Endo 222

File holder at 120° for flexible use of the 5-piece set of PiezoLED Endo files (ISO 15, 20, 25, 30, 35). Especially suitable for the anterior and premolar areas.

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4043,
Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4011




PIEZO Implant Set

For the efficient and gentle cleaning of implants and appropriated restorations.
Metal-free tip

Mat.-Nr. 1.007.4008



Torque wrench

The unique combination of torque wrench and tip holder enables clean and neat storage of tips as well as sterilisation.



The Steribox with full sterilizable stainless-steel trays is the ideal solution for rapid reprocessing and hygienic storage of tip sets and handpiece.


Tip measuring card

The convenient tip measuring card for checking the tip length Tips shortened by 2 mm = 50% loss of power.

Regular replacement of tips measurably improves treatment efficiency:

  • Easy, time-saving removal of calculus
  • Non-strenuous treatment with a high level of treatment comfort