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The company’s passion for quality, precision and driving progress in dentistry has made it a pioneer and source of innovation for over 110 years, leading the charge among manufacturers in the international dental sector.

The new KaVo MASTERmatic LUX M45 L high-speed contra-angle.

Improved ergonomics and optimized molar visibility.

KaVo launches the new high-speed contra-angle MASTERmatic LUX M45 L with a unique head/knee angle combination for optimum visiblity in the molar area. The CoolHead technology and the optimized spray water of this new contra-angle handpiece ensure even greater patient safety during treatments.

The innovative features of the KaVo MASTERmatic LUX M45 L allow to achieve the best possible results even in hard-to-reach areas of the patient´s mouth. The KaVo MASTERmatic LUX M45 L offers improved visibility, optimum access, maximum precision and exceptional reliability at the same time.

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KaVo Highlights & News

KaVo POWER DEALS - Couplers & Motors

Only from 1.7.-31.8.2024

With our instrument campaign, we are giving the word "power" a whole new emphasis. The visual for the third instrument category embodies the formula 1 pit stop - an expression of teamwork: Couplers and Motors.

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Product Highlight KaVo uniQa

The new Premium Compact Class.

An attractive design paired with intelligent features and premium KaVo workmanship ensure superb everyday treatment with lasting success.

Product information KaVo uniQa

KaVo Configurator for Dental Chairs

A treatment unit as unique as you are – no problem with the KaVo treatment unit configurator!
Using the KaVo treatment unit configurator, you can assemble your new and unique treatment unit according to your specific needs and requirements.

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A Bookazine is a mixture between product catalog and magazine. Our latest Bookazine contains product information and additonally topics like hygiene, ergonomics, practice interior, accessories and service.

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KaVo EXPERT Campaign

CoolHead technology – for even more patient safety.

The new KaVo CoolHead technology actively prevents excessive heating of the instrument head if the push button is pressed unintentionally during treatment while the burr is rotating.  

KaVo exclusive high-tech ball bearings – for an even longer service life.

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Imaging Portfolio KaVo ProXam

KaVo Imaging

KaVo ProXam – the future of digital diagnostics.

KaVo ProXam: Modern imaging diagnostics in combination with the all-networked, all-in-one Romexis software.

Imaging Software

Optimally networked diagnostics.

Romexis – KaVo has one of the most successful imaging software solutions in its range for practices and clinics.

ProXam Intraoral Imaging

Compelling precision and inspiring reliability.

The KaVo ProXam portfolio forms the perfect team for modern intraoral diagnostics.

ProXam Extraoral Imaging

A new dimension in the dental radiology process.

The KaVo ProXam imaging portfolio offers the right extraoral X-ray option for every need.

Discover the comprehensive KaVo product portfolio.

Dental Instruments

Quality that is obvious.

The best product for every application – KaVo instruments are high quality, durable, and innovative. Get informed!

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Dental Practice Equipment

Dental equipment from KaVo leaves nothing to be desired.

The best solution for your practice. KaVo dental practice equipment: For added quality, durability and ergonomics.

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Handpieces and Contra-Angles

Reliability that has captivated users around the world.

With KaVo handpieces and contra-angles everything is under control – maximum power, smart technology and innovative comfort.

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Dental Turbines

Easily achieve maximum performance: Easily achieve maximum performance.

Ignite your passion with KaVo dental turbines, but quietly: for maximum power, intelligent features and modern comfort.

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Couplings and Motors

Make the most of our great connections: KaVo offers suitable connections for the most common couplings from other companies.

We have suitable connections for Sirona and NSK couplings and more, so you won’t miss out on the quality of KaVo instruments.

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KaVo Scalers and Tips

Extreme comfort and flexibility.

KaVo Laboratory Handpieces

Masterpieces for dental technology laboratories offered by KaVo

Top performance for real masterpieces. Quality and reliability for real precision work – KaVo laboratory handpieces and drives can handle anything.

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Dental Patient Simulators

Optimal learning with KaVo patient simulation

Learn professionally at the highest level. Realistic patient simulation that is as real and lifelike as possible – with Dental Excellence from KaVo.

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