RONDOflex™️ plus 360

  • Air abrasion system with water spray for reduced powder mist
  • Surface conditioning for strong adhesive connections, minimally invasive, virtually painless, gentle and quiet – ideal for treating anxious patients
  • Ready for immediate use and, thanks to the simple MULTIflex adaptation
  • Improved adhesive strength between tooth and material
  • Custom adjustment of the working angle and beam power
  • Convenient filling of the powder container
  • Wide range of applications
  • High-speed air flow (20 m/sec) for faster abrasion and noticeable time savings for treatments

Air abrasion with water spray – virtually painless, gentle and wonderfully quiet.

Whether you’re using KaVo RONDOflex to pretreat dentine, metal or ceramic surfaces or before applying adhesive systems and composite-based cements, you’ll love the multitude of clever details designed for convenient everyday use, not to mention the gentle and virtually painless surface treatment.

KaVo RONDOflex in video:

Due to the improved adhesive technology, the air abrasion unit has a completely new user focus. The minimally invasive removal of the tooth substance and direct and indirect restoration materials increase efficiency and quality for the practitioner. 

The surfaces are removed, cleaned and enlarged, thus offering a good basis for the adhesive technique. Thanks to these properties, the RONDOflex plus 360 can be used in any dental practice.

Strong. Clean. Efficient.
  • Highly efficient, minimally invasive and clean abrasion process, easy and accurate.
  • Gentle treatment with no drilling, no syringe, no noise, no vibration and no unpleasant feeling in the mouth: Comfortable for your patients, especially for sensitive patients, children and adolescents.
  • Unparalleled flexibility and smooth handling at different workplaces thanks to the MULTIflex coupling: Just a "Click" does the trick! No additional devices. No additional connections. No fiddly assembly.
  • With an additional water supply
    • Reduced overspray of powder.
    • Significantly smaller dirt radius 
    • Easier to remove corundum particles 
    • More comfortable treatment
  • incl. 2 cannulas
    • For planar spot removal

Advantages of the RONDOflex plus

The RONDOflex plus 360 is intended for minimally invasive, planar, and in-depth removal of tooth substance and materials on the restorations, such as:

  • Preparation of caries for smaller composite restorations of Classes I to VI, in depressions, fissures and incipient lesions
  • Removal of composite restorations, discolouration or amalgam tattoos
  • Repair: removal of composites and other resin-based filling materials
  • Cleaning and enlarging/roughening of the surfaces of metals, composites, acrylics, ceramics and amalgams for better adhesion
  • Pre-treatment of the surface when bonding orthodontic brackets, veneers and aligners

Accessories & Testimonials


Four different cannulas for different applications:

  • 110° small (0.46 mm) – powerful cannula for spot treatment
  • 110° large (0.60 mm) - powerful cannula for planar treatment
  • 90° small (0.46mm) – better molar access for spot treatment
  • 90° large (0.60 mm) – better molar access for extensive treatment

The removal rate depends on the powder.

Choice between two corundum powders with different granulation – clearly colour-coded.

Starter Package RONDOflex plus 360

  • RONDOflex plus 360 handpiece
  • Cannula 110°/0.60 mm (Mat. No. 1.002.6251)
  • Cannula 110°/0.46 mm (Mat. No. 1.002.9176)
  • Key (for changing the cannula, Mat. No. 1.002.6250)
  • Powder container 27 µm (powder replacement, Mat. No. 1.003.1235)
  • Powder container 50 µm (powder replacement, Mat. No. 1.003.1236)
  • Rubber cover (for powder container, Mat. No. 1.000.2678)
  • Powder 27 µm & 50 µm; 75 g each
  • Nozzle needle (Mat. No. 0.573.6052)
  • Cleaning bur (Mat. No. 0.573.0321)

Additional accessories

  • Cleaning cover (Mat. No. 3.005.4213)
  • Cleaning adaptor (Mat. No. 3.006.4667)
  • Protective goggles for patient and user (Mat. No. 1.000.9006)
  • Cannula mounted 90°/0.6 (for improved access to molar region, Mat. No. 1.002.9179)
  • Cannula mounted 90°/0.46 (for improved access to molar region, Mat. No. 1.002.9182)
  • Flat container seal (Mat. No. 0.573.6072)
  • O-ring for cannulas (Mat. No. 0.200.6019)
  • Nozzle tube 0.9 (Mat. No. 1.002.9920)

Case study and field reports RONDOflex plus 360

Clinical case study "Air abrasion system with water spray" by Dr Thierry Caires, Dentist from France: The versatile use of RONDOflex plus 360 in applications using veneers, pre-treatment for e.max overlays and before inserting different zirconium crowns. The cleaning power ensures a better structure of the surface of materials and on the tooth and thus ensures perfect adhesion.

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Questions and answers about RONDOflex plus 360 with Dr Artur Lukianenko, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Dr Michael N. Mandikos reports on his experiences with the RONDOflex plus 360 air abrasion unit from KaVo. In the case study, he shows the use of RONDOflex in a two-piece dental cantilever bridge.

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Dr Yoshinori Uchida shows the RONDOflex in use on the inner surfaces of CAD/CAM crowns and the surface processing of the abutment.

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Caries after blasting for 60 seconds with 50 µm powder. Very good abrasive power and clear contours are recognisable.

Surface of the caries magnified to 500x. The surface structure is roughened uniformly over the entire caries.

RONDOflex before inserting a bridge to improve the adhesive technique

Bridge removed

Blasted with RONDOflex, resulting in a cleaner and more extensive adhesive surface

Final result

RONDOflex before inserting a CAD/CAM crown

Preparation of the CAD/CAM crown with RONDOflex to clean and enlarge the surface

Preparation of the tooth surface with RONDOflex to clean the surface of protein and to enlarge it for better adhesion

Final result

Open fissures with minimal invasion

Recognised early

Gently opened

Caries removed

RONDOflex before inserting veneers

Lingual surfaces - initial situation

Lingual surfaces - initial situation

Final result, after the surface blasting application of adhesive and the direct insertion of veneers into the composite