QUATTROcare™️ Plus

  • Automatic handpiece maintenance and purging system
  • Fast and efficient: It takes just one minute for each maintenance cycle if you are processing four instruments, and the entire process is controlled via a program and automated.
  • Safe, controlled cleaning and purgging procedure
  • Flexible programming allows setting of total cycle time from 20-45 seconds per handpiece
  • Easy Chuck care maintenance with included chuck care adapter.
  • Equipped with two MULTIflex adapter and two INTRAmatic (E-Type ISO 3964) adapters

Less time maintaining, more instrument sustaining.

The user friendly QUATTROcare™ Plus handpiece maintenance system is designed to clean, lubricate and purge your instruments with the simple push of a button. Maintenance with the QUATTROcare Plus system means less wear, less repairs, less staff down time, smoother operation, and increased longevity of your handpieces.

The QUATTROcare Plus can be used for virtually all manufacturer’s high-speeds, low-speed contra-angles, straight handpieces, air driven scalers, and air motors.

4 handpieces in approx. 1 minute.

Just by the press of a button. Simple and fully automated.

Correct maintenance of dental handpieces is critical to ensure top performance and longevity. KaVo QUATTROcare Plus is equipped with tow MULTIflex adapters and two INTRAmatic (E-Type ISO 3964) adapters. Making it effortless to quickly purge and lubricate your instruments and motors.

Longevity is not only a question of product quality, but also of regular, thorough maintenance.

Thanks to the KaVo QUATTROcare maintenance system, KaVo sets standards of efficiency for handpieces care. The innovative KaVo QUATTROcare Plus maintenance systems offers:

  • incomparable thoroughness
  • economical
  • easy to use

Perfect for every handpiece used at your practice, every day.

Extended warranty with use of QUATTROcare Plus

Extend your KaVo warranty with use of KaVo QUATTROcare Plus. KaVo handpieces are extended to a 2.5 Year warranty when maintained with QUATTROcare Plus (valid in US only).

Technical Details & Accessories

  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • 120V, 50 / 60 Hz, 20 Amps electrical connection
  • Air consumption: 50 mL / min or 1.765 cfm
  • Simply connects to ¼" airline
  • 58 to 87 psi air pressure recommended (max 145 psi)
  • Built in automatic pressure regulator controls flow
  • Height: 15", Width: 139⁄16", Depth: 11½"
  • Width with door ajar (right side - to exchange spray can): 1615/16". Depth with flap open (front): 18⅞"

Automated care and maintenance of rotating dental instruments using the KaVo QUATTROcare Plus is preferred over manual care. Instruments are lubricated and serviced correctly with the proper amount of QUATTROcare Spray, every time.

  • Easy Screw-top installs quickly into the QUATTROcare Plus
  • For cleaning and care of instruments / air motors
  • Designed specifically to withstand sterilization
  • Relubrication after sterilization is unnecessary, eliminating the risk of recontaminating sterilized handpieces
  • Part no. 1005.4524
  • 1009.6142 Adapter for MULTIflex
  • 1011.7380 Adapter for E-Style (ISO 3964), replaces 1009.6143
  • 1005.1707 Adapter for COMFORTdrive
  • 0200.6084 O-rings for COMFORTdrive adapter
  • 0411.7941 INTRA Head adapter
  • 0411.5532 Bumper sheath for INTRA head adapter
  • 1000.8459 Adapter for Midwest “Shorty” attachment
  • 1001.7860 Adapter for Bien Air High-speeds
  • 1001.7888 Adapter for W&H High-speeds
  • 1000.8786 Adapter for NSK High-speeds
  • 1000.1003 Adapter for Dentsply Sirona Electric T1 Instruments
  • 0553.1872 4-hole gasket for adapters
  • 0411.5412 U-clip for door (2 needed)
  • 0200.6098 O-ring, Green, Small for front (2 each)
  • 0200.6177 O-ring, Green, Large for front (2 each)
  • 0200.6089 Low-speed O-ring
  • 0324.4301 Blue hose for unit air hook up , ¼"
  • 0692.6891 Transformer power cord
  • 0220.0977 Male Connector
  • 0223.2786 Fuse for QUATTROcare
  • 0411.4472 Union Nut
  • 0411.7603 Adapter for chuck maintenance
  • 0411.4572 Catch Pan
  • 0411.9691 KaVo Cleanpac (pack of 10)
    3005.5204 2151 Handpiece stand sterilizable stand for handpieces, attachments, motors and heads. Includes 3 inserts for MULTIflex instruments
  • 0411.9902 Handpiece stand insert for MULTIflex instruments
  • 0411.9862 Drip Pads. 100 pads for handpiece stand. Absorbs excess lubricant and / or condensation
  • Good room ventilation
  • No direct exposure to sunlight

KaVo QUATTROcare Instruction videos

These videos cover how to operate the QUATTROcare Plus automatic maintenance device. Our product manager Laura Mohr will guide you through the demonstration.