KaVo Care Portal™ (NEW)

What is KaVo Care?

KaVo Care offers fast and easy repair of your KaVo handpiece. Trust KaVo to restore your instrument to its original performance, using only genuine KaVo parts. All of our repairs are performed by our specialized team of expert KaVo technicians. With KaVo Care, your handpiece will be restored to the exceptional performance you've come to expect.

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Easily submit and track the status of your order.

No hidden fees so you can make an informed choice.

Most repairs are completed within 48 hours of arriving at our facility.

All KaVo genuine parts meet rigorous quality and regulatory standards.

Here's how it works:

Register or log into your account, select your repair and confirm your order.

Securely pack your item for shipment. Log in to the KaVo customer portal anytime to check the status of your repair.

Most repairs are completed within 48-hours of arrival. Log in to KaVoCare.com anytime to check the status of your repair.

Once your repair is complete, you will be notified. Your repaired device will be shipped back to you within 2-business days.

Shipping Instructions

Shipping your repair is easy.

Simply pack your item using any cardboard box. If you don’t have one, you may call 1-888-KAVO-USA (1-888-528-6872) to request a reusable KaVo Care plastic box, and one will be shipped to you within 2-business days. You may also request one here.

Confirm and Pack.

After confirming your repair order, UPS will be automatically notified to pick-up the order within 2-business days.

Track Every Step of the Way.

We will notify you once your item is received at our facility in Charlotte, NC. You can track the status of your repair anytime through the KaVo Care customer portal. Most repairs are completed within 24-hours of arrival.

Secure Shipping Back to You.

Your device will be returned to you in a reusable KaVo Care box. Keep this box to securely ship future repairs to KaVo Care.

Questions? We’re Here to Help.

If you have any questions, please call 1-888-KAVO-USA (1-888-528-6872)


Every product you submit to KaVo Care will be repaired to highest quality standards. We have a dedicated repair facility and an experienced team of technicians who work quickly and diligently to make sure your instrument gets fixed to its original performance. We offer transparent, flat-fee pricing and use only genuine, KaVo OEM parts.

Proper performance of your equipment is of utmost importance when it comes to patient safety. When you use KaVo Care, you can be confident that we use only genuine, OEM parts, which are FDA approved. Many repair facilities use imitation parts to keep prices low, but this could damage your handpiece, void all warranties or worse—injure patients and practitioners. By using genuine, OEM parts, you extend the longevity of your equipment and have peace of mind. 

How many times have you had to wait weeks, just to get a repair fee quote? Flat-fee, up front pricing is one of the best features of KaVo Care because it allows you to know the cost before you submit a repair. No surprises. It makes the repair process simple, quick and easy.

Simply visit www.kavocare.com. Select the repair you want to have done, add it to your shopping cart and submit.

Shipping is included in all repairs through KaVo Care.

Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm (EST) at 1-888-KAVO-USA, or you can email us by clicking here.

The flat-fee shown in the KaVo Care Center covers all costs associated with bringing your item back to its original factory performance. This includes genuine KaVo replacement parts, labor, and shipping. The fee does not include any applicable taxes.

The fees shown in the KaVo Care Center do not include taxes. Taxes will be added at the time of invoice, once the repair is complete.

If your item is not repairable you will not be charged. Instead, your handpiece will be returned to you.

If you send in a handpiece that does not match the product category selected in your order, you will receive a new estimate based on the item that was shipped. You will not be charged unless you approve that fee. If you do not wish to proceed, your item will be returned to you.

The repair fees listed in the KaVo Care Center cover the majority of repair requests. In certain circumstances, an estimate may be necessary. This may happen when:

  • The item shipped does not match the repair that was requested
  • The item was shipped as a warranty repair, but is outside of the warranty period
  • The requested repair is not listed in the KaVo Care Center

Once an estimate is provided, your approval is required before the repair will begin.

You will receive an invoice from your preferred dealer. You select your preferred dealer when registering for an account.

You can reference the document here to determine which KaVo Care category to select for your device model.