Advantages KaVo Dental Chairs

The perfect dental chair is the centrepiece of your practice.

It is the focal point of your daily work from which you treat and consult your patients.

To meet your daily challenges, we at KaVo are passionate about manufacturing dental chairs that will make your work as easy and safe as possible. This includes practice-driven solutions such as:

  • automated hygiene functions,
  • contactless, intuitive operation and
  • innovations for long-term ergonomically sound and healthy work environment.

More than 110 years of experience to satisfy the highest demands on ergonomics.

To us, dental excellence means meeting the highest ergonomic requirements. Allowing you to always assume a healthy posture and be able to fully focus on your patients is key.

Therefore, the KaVo treatment units KaVo ESTETICA E80, E70, E50 and KaVo Primus 1058 all feature exceptionally well thought-through ergonomics concepts:

  • Was awarded the AGR seal of approval (E70/E80)
  • More than 110 years of KaVo means ergonomics are always prioritised
  • Natural posture, whether seated or standing up
  • Precise and relaxed working, fatigue-free work
  • The best position for the patient in the patient chair

The unique suspension chair concept is our answer to neck and back pain: the free space under the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision patient chair enables you and your assistant to maintain healthy, relaxed leg and body positions while being close enough to the patient.

The KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision treatment units and the PHYSIO Evo dentist’s chair have been awarded the ergonomic seal of approval from the „Campaign for Healthier Backs“ association (AGR). This is the first time, and to date, the only time that the coveted title has been awarded to dental practice equipment

The extremely low position of 350 mm enables natural posture for patients in a sitting or lying position – even for short practitioners. 

The maximum position of 900 mm (KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision) or 830 mm (KaVo Primus 1058 Life, KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life, KaVo uniQa) also enables dentists who are taller than 1.80 metres to work in an ergonomic position.

The KaVo foot control – optionally as flexible positioned wireless foot control – is operated with simple left to right movements. Without strenuous up and down movements, your leg muscles are freed of tension, even during long sitting or standing treatments.

With the horizontal shift of the KaVo ESTETICA E80 Vision, the practitioner can change treatment positions, maintaining the position of the patient’s head without increasing the range of reach.

Small differences in design often make a big difference in daily treatments. The best example of this is the particularly narrow Progress backrest, which is available for all treatment units and, thanks to its narrow shape, offers a back-friendly working posture possibility, providing optimal access to the patient.

All doctor and assistant elements can be swivelled and adjusted in height and can be positioned to ergonomic perfection – regardless of whether treatment is performed while standing or sitting. The optional swing arm version with a low table
height of 45 cm and balanced swing arms offers optimum ergonomics. The instrument tubes with an extension length of 90 cm allow maximum freedom of movement.

In order to achieve the Trendelenburg patient position, the footrest tilts and lifts automatically to match the tilt of the backrest. The lying position remains ergonomic, preventing the patient’s back from being compressed or stretched when the backrest is positioned. In addition, your patients stay relaxed and you can treat them for longer in total comfort.

With the infinitely adjustable head tilt angle, you can adjust the headrest and thus the position of the head and the mouth. Your patients will feel relaxed on the comfortable and easy-to-position comfort headrest and you will constant optimal access to the work area.

With the KaVo ESTETICA E80 Vision’s motorised seat lift, patients of different sizes, children and even patients with health restrictions such as hunched back or hollow back are always in the best possible position.

Some KaVo treatment units are available as right-handed or left-handed versions. In addition, many have an integrated endo and surgery function as standard or optional, saving you additional avenues and investments.

The natural white light of the KaVoLUX 540 LED enables optimum visibility. The COMPOsave mode, which prevents fillings from hardening prematurely, keeps the dentist from being rushed. The KaVoLUX 540 LED is automatically switched on and off in accordance with the automatic positions of the treatment centre. The user can also control the most important functions such as dimming and switching on and off without contact.

Reliable hygiene at each stage of any procedure.

Thanks to the integrated hygiene functions of KaVo treatment centres, you can rely on superbly safe and efficient cleaning and disinfection.

The automated processes save valuable time and the standardised workflows ensure permanent functional reliability of your treatment centre.

Top Advantages:

  • Automated and standardised hygiene
  • Simple and faster cleaning
  • Removable parts
  • Increased health & safety through anti-reflux systems

Automated permanent germ reduction

Automatically operating permanent germ reduction with Oxygenal 6 prevents microorganisms from multiplying in your treatment system. The HYDROclean program in the ESTETICA E80/E70 Vision also provides for fully automated cleaning of the suction and drainage systems as well as disinfection with automatic dispensing of DEKASEPTOL Gel.

A plus for hygiene

In the KaVo treatment unit ESTETICA E80/E70 Vision, the containers of decontaminating agents and disinfectants can be introduced directly. The automatic dispensing and mixing of Oxygenal 6 and DEKASEPTOL Gel eliminates the time-consuming manual blending and refilling of the disinfectants by your assistants.

Intensive germ reduction

Intensive germ reduction assures perfect quality of cooling and rinsing liquids even with prolonged standing times.

Instrument rinsing function according to RKI

The variably adjustable flushing time is triggered by your assistants at the press of a button, allowing all water-bearing lines to be flushed automatically.

DVGW - Certified water block

The water block with free water inflow meets the DVGW requirements and prevents the possibility of back-contamination in your building supply line.

Removable parts

Hand grips, silicone mats, mouth-rinsing bowls, instrument holders and swingarms are removable, easy to clean and in some cases even sterilizable.

Hygienic tubing

The special materials used in the water-bearing hoses make it possible to prevent or eliminate the formation of biofil m in your treatment system .

Hygienic filters

The easily and quickly replaceable suction filter screens save your employees a great deal of time during hygiene procedures.

KaVo Dental Chairs: Simple & intuitive operation as standard.

  • Intuitive, efficient workflow due to logical and comfortable operation
  • Smooth and precise table positioning for a fatigue-free and healthy work environment
  • Modular, configurable and expandable
  • KaVo’s single-hand system: positioning of dentist element and service table ready for treatment in one motion
  • Tray for 5 or 6 instruments (KaVo ESTETICA E70, E50, Primus 1058 can be upgraded at any time)
  • Service table as functional bridge to the assistant

KaVo Dental Chairs - Quality and reliability day after day.

KaVo’s quality advantage pays off because it guarantees exceptional reliability and service-life. All KaVo dental chairs offer long-term reliability.

Their unmatched care and precision in workmanship promote treatment successes. Thanks to complete quality control and testing, KaVo dental chairs always offer maximum safety translating into very little downtime or repairs.

Maximum quality and reliability:

  • Top-quality durable components for long-lasting stability and reliability
  • Precise processing according to superior quality standards 
  • Fine tuning and gradation of all functions
  • Maximum reliability due to comprehensive long-term tests
  • „Made in Germany“ since over 110 years

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