Functional area

Centre left: Discharge hole with waste containe
Centre right: Combination stainless steel sink, 40x40 cm, with plaster purification basin

The KaVo functional area

The KaVo MASTERspace and FLEXspace allow you to set up your function rooms according to your individual needs. Flexibility and functionality blend seamlessly together to form a functional area that leaves nothing to be desired. 

With KaVo you are well equipped in every aspect, because we value the highest material quality, robustness and durability, including in the functional area.

Flexibility that inspires.

KaVo FLEXspace offers

  • 6 different basic elements 
  • in 2 heights (83 and 91 cm) and 
  • 3 widths (30, 50 and 60 cm). 

This creates noticeably more flexibility, e.g. in dental laboratories and confined spaces.

  • Height of cabinet with pedestal: 83 or 91 cm. Height of the worktop 4 cm Total height: 87 or 95 cm. 
  • Plaster area: Stainless steel wall racks, electric silo spreaders, stainless steel worktops with various installations, plaster purification systems and much more.
  • Casting area: Soldering and sub-elements, hand air nozzle units, TERRAdent plates.
  • Dry area: Dental technology workstations, equipment tables, waste systems, dust extraction system and much more.

Choose from cabinets, drawers and seats:

You can choose from many different panel materials such as ROCKdent, FORMdent, TERRAdent, stainless steel or laminate along with numerous front panel colours to match the rest of the furnishings.

FORMdent (laminate)

STEELdent (stainless steel)

ROCKdent (quartz stone)

TERRAdent (tile)