Laboratory handpieces

The powerful and durable laboratory handpiece

K-POWERgrip, KaVo quality and high torque for all dental materials with speeds of up to 50,000 rpm. Your powerful and durable KaVo handpiece!

K-POWERgrip Laboratory handpieces

Out in front in every respect

Where absolute top performances are required, there is no alternative to KaVo KPOWERgrip.

The motor is dynamic and powerful and has exceptional high torque of up to 7 Ncm. This makes the K-POWERgrip extremely flexible in use and suitable for all areas of work and materials.

The virtually noiseless and vibration-free induction motor assists concentration. The new, ultraslim cable and reduced weight gives the user additional freedom of movement and superb handling.

One important feature is the new grip surfaces, which ensure the KPOWERgrip sits more comfortably and firmly in the hand.

The KaVo K-POWERgrip. The new king among laboratory motors. Its operation is just as good as its looks.


K-POWERgrip - Quality and performance from KaVo


  • Ball bearing with patented, dirt-repellent sealing system  for maximum stability

  • Ball bearing is easy and quick to change in the laboratory
    for more ease of servicing

  • Proven rapid-clamping system
    for maximum reliability

  • Handpiece heats up only a little
    for a long service life

  • extra-slender and lightweight, flexible handpiece cable

  •  for more mobility


  • High torque of 7Ncm
    for more power

  • Up to 50,000 rpm in clockwise operation and 5,000 rpm in counterclockwise operation
    for all common materials



K-POWERgrip Laboratory handpieces

Select from table, knee or foot control

The functions of the KaVo K-POWERgrip can be controlled either directly on the central tabletop unit or via a connected knee or foot control unit. The automatic handpiece recognition allows handpieces to be exchanged flexibly.

    For specific presetting of the torque and speed values for each user, four programmes are available, in which performance profiles can be saved and recalled by pushing a button. The maximum values for speed (up to 50,000 rpm) and torque can be set separately and independently of these programmes.


    K-POWERgrip Laboratory handpieces

    Select and store quickly and easily

    4 storable programmes:

    • Constant speed via an automatic readjustment.

    • Save within 4 seconds and thus a 4-second speed control function.

    • 4-colour display for easy distinction of the programmes.

    • Quick access to the preset speeds and torque for repetitive work by simply pressing the speed control.

    KaVo K-POWERgrip performance data

    Name Value
    Speed 1,000 – 50,000 rpm clockwise; counterclockwise rotation limited to 5,000 rpm
    Torque max. 7,0 Ncm
    Power max. 150 W
    Chucking system Retention force min. 70 N
    Chuck exchange using a tool
    Temperature increase on load Very low + 9°K
    Dimensions L = 165 mm
    D = 25 - 29 mm oval for peeling grip
    D = 14mm pen grip
    Weight Handpiece 250 g
    Cable 105 g
    Ease and convenience Low-vibration
    2K Softgrip shank
    flexible and lightweight handpiece
    Easy to service anti-soiling cap
    Patented sealing system
    Control Can be connected to K-Control TLC control units with knee, foot and table versions
    (and the earlier K-Control knee, foot and table version)
    Actuation of accessory devices with K-Control TLC via 12-V relay




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