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As one of the world's largest system providers, KaVo has accumulated decades of competence in high-quality laboratory equipment. With a high-performing team of experienced planning specialists, we develop installation solutions that are exactly customised to meet your requirements. In this context increased efficiency and the motivation of your co-workers are central for our approach. We meet this high demand by optimising procedures as well as by ergonomic and functional planning and design of your workplaces. As a laboratory technician, high-standards and precision come as second nature. Therefore the KaVo MASTERspace is the natural choice.

MASTERspace Laboratory Equipment

Benefit from greater efficiency with KaVo MASTERspace

Discover a workstation that fits you and your personal style perfectly.

Perfect planning of the workstations is a pre-requisite of high efficiency. MASTERspace offers perfect quality, premium design, and optimal functionality.

KaVo MASTERspace: Prosthetic perfection deserves the best workstation.


Highlights and advantages

  • Thanks to the individual KaVo 3-D laboratory planning, the work sequences are optimised, and the efficiency of the dental laboratory is increased.

  • Superior design with the highest quality of workmanship and conservation of value.

  • Optimum workflow is ensured by throughout arrangement of the functional elements.

  • Technically most advanced suction technology with KaVo SMARTair evo for optimum functionality and clean laboratory air.

Convincing function and design

With the KaVo function and design packages, you supplement your MASTERspace laboratory furnishings very specifically to suit your workstation needs and personal style.

These optional packages can be used for all three lines, MASTERspace Select, Classic, and Basic.

MASTERspace Laboratory Equipment


Workstation lamp 

  • 2,300 LUX of power, 2x36 W (measured at a lamp-to-table distance of 62 cm), electronic ballast.
  • Distinctly longer service life due to temperature-controlled fan cooling.
  • Even distribution of light and low reflection due to light grid.


MASTERspace Laboratory Equipment


Function package

Function package single-user workstation
Includes single- user workstation lamp and work tray board.

Function package multi-user workstation
Includes single-user workstation lamp, two-user workstation lamp and 2 work tray boards.


MASTERspace design packages

The design packages combine functional details, such as the board bridge, with maximum elegance and noble design.


MASTERspace Laboratory Equipment


Design package single-user workstation

Includes single-user workstation lamp, work tray board, storage board, back screen, and arch screens.


MASTERspace Laboratory Equipment


Design package multi-user workstation

Includes single-user workstation lamp, two-user workstation lamp and 2 work tray boards, 3 work trays, and 3 arch screens.

Three equipment lines

KaVo offers you three equipment lines for your new laboratory installation. Depending on your requirements, decide in favour of MASTERspace Select, MASTERspace Classic or MASTERspace Basic.

Equipment lines

MASTERspace Select

MASTERspace Classic

MASTERspace Basic


Perfect in function and design

  • Retractable armrests, suction hood and functional drawer.
  • Front selectable.

Sovereign in form and function

  • With SMARTair evo® single-place dust extraction.
  • Suction hood front table.
  • Front colours selectable from standard colours in single- or two-colour, handles matt chromium plated.

Convincingly economical

  • Single-workplace solution without dust extraction.
  • Material cabinet including three powder-coated metal drawers.
  • Front selectable from standard colours in single-colour, handles matt chromium plated.

SMARTair evo for single-place dust extraction

- ok -

Retractable armrests

ok - -

Retractable extraction hood

ok - -

Extraction hood front table

- ok -

Functional drawer

ok - -

Front colours

1-/2-coloured Single-coloured


Metal handles chromium matt Metal handles chromium matt Metal handles chromium matt




Standard version


not available


You have a choice

The individuality of the challenges in your work is reflected in your perception of a subtle or offensively-minded colour choice.

KaVo MASTERspace offers you a wide range of materials and colours for worktops and fronts to choose from.

Table top coatings

ROCKdent MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung  
FORMdent Agate grey MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Laminat Carrara MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Corian® bright MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung  
Corian® dark MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Multiplex Beech MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung



Gentian blue MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung  
Tourmaline-anthracite MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Carrara MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Sunflower MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung
Bordeaux MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung



Stone grey

MASTERspace Laboreinrichtung


Note: Colours may look different on the screen.


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