KaVo new upholstery set

KaVo original new cushion set instead of replacement cushion.

KaVo original new upholstery is the best way to refresh your KaVo equipment. With a new KaVo original upholstery your treatment unit will look and feel as good as new! While other replacement upholstery is only foamed and newly covered, our KaVo original upholstery is completely new and not only attractive to look at, but attractively priced too.

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Product Info

  • New upholstery: Manufactured for you personally, in your preferred color
  • Completely: The new upholstery includes Head, Back and Seat cushions
  • New gloss: Replaces upholstery that is tired and / or worn to refresh the look of your surgery
  • Free choice: Wide KaVo color palette with original matching colors
  • Optimized hygiene: New upholstery material, ideal to clean
  • Ergonomics: Anatomically shaped upholstery means relaxed patients

Your benefits

  • Precious: Incomparably better quality at great value
  • New Look: refresh without investing too much
  • Better treatment quality: complete your treatments confidently and efficiently while your patients are comfortable and relaxed
  • No downtime: Easy assembly thanks to the perfect fit
  • No need to return the old upholstery

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Upholstery set for 1065, 1066, 1080, 1078 & PHYSIO: 

  • When ordering please use the order form and contact us or your dealer.
  • Are you still uncertain about the right color? KaVo upholstery colors will certainly help you.
  • The set of painted components will be delivered within two weeks to the specified address, ideally right to your dental office.


Upholstery set for 1058, E50, E70, E80, uniQa:

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(No) Comparison: Comfort and aesthetics!

In contrast to other providers the new original KaVo upholstery is wholly manufactured with new skai material in your preferred color. 

Unlike other approaches no overhangs arise, no wrinkles and no deformations (caused by glued on foam) appear. Everything complies with the original equipment quality.