DSE Clinical™ E50 Life

  • Instruments and accessories as per the KaVo treatment unit ESTETICA E50 Life
  • Option of pneumatic or electric height adjustment of the patient simulator
  • Available as TM- or S-table
  • Great treatment ergonomics thanks to height-adjustable dentist and assistant element
  • Optional: intensive sterilisation & hygiene centre
  • Different treatment lights selectable
  • Option of integrating Endo software, EDUnet Ultra HD, CONEXIO
  • Numerous jaw simulators and tooth models to choose from

For practical training the KaVo way.

The KaVo DSE Clinical E50 Life simulation unit offers quality and precision even in dental training. With an extensive range of positioning options for ergonomic working and studying in all treatment positions, the KaVo DSE Clinical E50 Life thoroughly prepares students for a successful future as dentists.

Some advantages at a glance

Students learn how to handle the original components of a treatment unit safely and routinely at the pre-clinical stage, so they don’t have to adapt to new work processes later in their career.

  • New standards in hygiene, treatment ergonomics and ease of use.
  • The students are already training with the original components of a treatment unit in the pre-clinical phase and do not have to change their acquired workflows later on.
  • Perfect ergonomic preconditions for every treatment concept.
  • Optimum treatment ergonomics due to height-adjustable doctor and assistant element.
  • Highest health protection for students through automated intensive germ reduction.
  • There are further options available: e.g. endo function, intraoral camera for comfortable working without disruptive auxiliary devices.

Simulation Unit DSE Clinical E50 Life in Video

KaVo product manager explains and demonstrates all technical features of the simulation unit DSE Clinical E50 Life.

Special features

Appropriate dentist element depending on the treatment concept

The dentist element can be re-positioned at any time. This way you always have everything within reach. Sitting or standing. Alone or with assistance.

The operation of both dentist elements with their self-explanatory interface and direct selection keys is intuitive and does not use any double assignment. When you remove an instrument, all essential information is immediately displayed in a clear and concise manner. MEMOdent also allows you to recall stored parameters for each instrument for recurring treatment procedures.

This function is available for up to six practitioners and three user levels. If desired, you can retrofit an optional instrument tray with five or six holders. The same applies to the endo and multimedia functions as well as many other modules such as camera, scaler or polymerisation light.

Your assistant has everything at hand

The optional assistant element offers space for the spray mist suction device, the saliva extractor, the second triple-function handpiece and the LED polymerisation handpiece. For optimal treatment ergonomics, the height adjustment is also available as an option (adjustment range: 30cm).

A considered and intuitive design on the control membrane, with direct selection, buttons facilitates the control of the following functions:

  • Intensive germ reduction, 
  • Light dimmer, 
  • Timer and position adjustment of the patient simulator.

The direct selection buttons enable an intuitive, efficient treatment procedure - all major functions can be activated at the push of a button.

In narrow workspaces or when operating with two hands, the assistant element can be replaced with a compact suction hose holder. It offers holders for the spray mist suction and saliva extractor and can be adjusted in five positions.

Fixing the patient torso

  1. Vertical height adjustment 680-1000 mm from incisal edge.


  2. Inclination of backrest and headrest (-10°/+85°), head movement (25° forward, 40° backward, 20° right-left).


  3. Additional horizontal swivel for more treatment freedom under narrow installation conditions (45° left-right).

For left-handed and right-handed users

The simulation unit DSE Clinical E50 Life can be converted from right-handed to left-handed use in just a few seconds and without the use of tools.

Smart storage

Optionally, students can store their instruments and essentials in a customisable cabinet.

This can be configured with lockable drawers and/or doors as required.

If the training consists of several shifts, the locking system is also available for two students.

Realistic up-front planning included

The configuration of the training area, including technical equipment and furnishings, is optimised and realistically visualised by our interior and installation planning. You will receive a realistic Simulation of your clinical setting.

More information about laboratory planning service

Permanent germ reduction and intensive germ reduction

The permanent germ reduction and the automatic intensive germ reduction provide optimal health protection: The permanent germ reduction with Oxygenal 6 prevents the development of algae and germs. Intensive germ reduction (45 min.) with a higher Oxygenal 6 concentration controls the formation of micro-organisms, which can occur especially during periods of inactivity, e.g. on weekends or during semester breaks.

Dekaseptol cleans and disinfects the suction hoses and prevents the formation of residues in the suction system and the drain. The automatic KaVo hygiene system ensures optimal reconditioning of the simulation units according to the standards of the Robert Koch Institute. In addition, it is housed in a separate cabinet to save space and is readily accessible when needed. 

The hygiene centre is integrated into the benchtop and may be removed and thermally disinfected if necessary. The instrument and suction hoses plug into the hygiene centre for convenient germ reduction. 

The KaVo hygiene concept teaches students from the very beginning the importance of health protection: Not only their own, but also the health of the staff using the equipment later on and the health of the patients.

Ergonomics and individual Adjustment

Vertical height adjustment 680-1000 mm from incisal edge.

Additional horizontal swivel for more treatment freedom under narrow installation conditions (45° left-right).

Inclination of backrest and headrest (-10°/+85°), head movement (25° forward, 40° backward, 20° right-left).

  • Vertical height adjustment 680-1000 mm from incisal edge.
  • Inclination of backrest and headrest (-10°/+85°), head movement (25° forward, 40° backward, 20° right-left).
  • Additional horizontal swivel for more treatment freedom under narrow installation conditions (45° left-right).
  • The patient simulator can be equipped with all KaVo jaw simulators (G20, G40 and G50) and tooth models according to customer specifications. Various facial masks with or without drainage are available as options.
  • The patient simulator can be adjusted quickly and safely either pneumatically or electrically as on the treatment unit. The electrical adjustment also offers the possibility to store several user-definable positions.

The comfortable foot control STANDARD can be used for centring. The ergonomic right-left movement of the swivel pedal prevents leg fatigue.

The foot control provides control of the instruments as well as other functions such as changing the direction of motor rotation, spray preselection and positioning of the patient simulator during electrical adjustment.

With the PREMIUM foot control, you can easily operate all functions and integrated devices of your DSE Clinical E50 Life with your foot.

Including the optional CONEXIO software. You save valuable time and avoid interruptions in your workflow.


The KaVoLUX 540 LED can be operated contact-free via the sensor to maintain high standards of hygiene, or via the intuitive dentist console.

Switching on and off is also possible via the automatic positions of your simulation unit. The KaVoLUX 540 LED offers optimum hygiene standards, the highest quality, a long service life and maximum treatment comfort.

  • Light intensity in COMPOsave™ or dimming mode adjustable from approx. 8,000 to 15,000 lux
  • Daylight quality lighting
  • Colour temperature adjustable from 4,000 to 6,000 Kelvin
  • Silent LED technology
  • Removable handles, sterilisable version available

Product information KaVoLUX 540 LED ->


The entry into LED lighting technology

  • Light intensity infinitely adjustable, max. 35,000 lux
  • Daylight quality lighting
  • Continuously dimmable without changing the colour temperature (5,000 Kelvin fix)
  • Silent LED technology
  • Removable handles can be sterilised
  • Abnehmbare, sterilisierbare Handgriffe

Product information MAIA LED ->

Surgical holder - The ideal aid for practical training.

This light, compact and stable carrier for the jaws or other body parts of an animal can be used very flexibly for the following practical exercises: dental extractions, suturing practice or other surgical procedures such as the insertion of implants.

By adapting it to the KaVo patient simulator on the DSE Clinical, this surgical holder can be brought into an ergonomic working position permitting the use of the instruments provided by the simulation unit as well as extraction.

The third hand for spray mist suction can optionally be mounted on the patient's head and enables hands-free work with simultaneous suction, where necessary.

For flexibility of use, the surgical holder can simply be placed on an ordinary table or attached to a patient simulator mounted on the table. Universal attachment elements support the secure, quick fixation of surgical objects in almost any position required.

Liquids pass through an integrated sieve for collection in a drip tray underneath, where they can be hygienically discarded or drained from the tray by suction. All components are made of stainless steel, making hygienic cleaning easy.

Equipment and Technical specifications

Doctor element 
Multifunctional display MEMOdent right or leftx
2. Handle S tableo
Handle sterilisable S tableo
5 instrument holdersx
6 instrument holdersx
Air instrument connectiono
KL motor connectiono
Endodontic function/torque controlo
DCI syringe (not compatible with hygiene centre)x
Triple-function handpiece One (not compatible with hygiene centre)x
Triple-function handpiecex
Multi-function handpiecex
PIEZOsoft scalero
PiezoLED scalero
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LED (only available with the S table)o
Polymerisation handpiece One (only available with the S table)o
KaVo intraoral camerao
USB camera interfaceo
Tray holder for US trayo
Tray holder for 1 standard trayo
Tray holder for 2 standard trayso
Anti-reflux valve for instrumentss
Assistant element 
Spray mist suctions
Saliva extractors
Selective trayo
VACUstopp (not available with pneumatic height adjustment)o
Suction hose holderx
Assistant elementx
Swivelling assistant elementx
Swivelling and height-adjustable assistant elementx
DCI syringe (not compatible with hygiene centre)o
Triple-function handpiece One (not compatible with hygiene centre)o
Triple-function handpieceo
Multi-function handpieceo
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LEDo
Polymerisation handpiece Oneo
Tray holder incl. standard trayo
Device body 
Pneumatic height adjustmentx
Electrical height adjustmentx
Supply system 
Water block compactx
Permanent/intensive germ reduction with hygiene centre and DVGW-certified water blockx
Connection to central suction wets
Solid particle collectors
Foot control 
Standard foot controlx
Premium foot controlx
LED operating light 
Operating light KAVOLUX 540 LEDo
Operating light MAIAo
CONEXIO servero
CONEXIO foot controlo
KaVo Screen Oneo
KaVo Screen HDo
Pre-installation for external monitoro
Cable set for PC connectiono
Screen support 1-jointo
Screen support 2-jointo
Patienten simulators
Backrest Progresss
Headrest 2-joint with rotary knobs
Third hand DPSo
Jaw simulator 
G40 Jx
G40 JMx
G50 Jx
G50 JMx
without Jaw simulatorx
Face mask 
DPS face mask Mx
DPS face mask Lx
DPS face mask M, with adaptorx
DPS face mask L, with adaptorx
DPS face mask L, latexx
Without face maskx
Tooth models 
UJ/LJ V16x
Without tooth modelsx


s = standard
o = optional
x = must be selected

The DSE Clinical E50 Life is configured as standard with the connection to the compressed air supply and is equipped with the plugs and supply voltages required at the installation location.

Space requirement

  • Width approx. 486 mm
  • Depth approx. 250 mm
  • Maximum height 2300 mm
  • Weight approx. 70 kg


Power supply

  • Nominal voltage 230 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Power input 800 VA
  • Mains fuse T6.3 H / 250 V
  • Maximum permitted mains voltage fluctuations ±10% of the nominal voltage
  • Overvoltage category II
  • On-site protection MCB C 16 A or screw-type fuse 10 A


Supply system

  • Drinking water quality
  • Water hardness 1.5 to 2.14 mmol/l; 8.4 to 12 °dH
  • On-site water filtration 80 µm
  • pH 7.2 to 7.8
  • On-site water pressure 2 to 6 bar
  • Maximum water consumption 4 l/min
  • Air inlet pressure 5.2 to 7 bar
  • Maximum air consumption with external suction 60 l/min
  • In case of higher water hardness (over 12 °dH), a water softening system using the ion exchange method must be installed. Water that is too soft (below 8.4 °dH) can promote algae formation.

Environmental conditions 

  • Operating environment / temperature 5 to 40 °C
  • Relative humidity 30 to 75%, non-condensing
  • Pollution degree 2
  • Maximum installation altitude 2000 m MSL


Operating mode

  • Intermittent duty for motor K 200/motor KL 703
    Operating time is 2 minutes; pause time is 8 minutes
  • Intermittent duty for motor KL 702
    Operating time is 0.5 minutes; pause time is 9 minutes
  • Intermittent duty for lifting motor simulator
    Operating time is 0.5 minutes; pause time is 7 minutes


Dental drive speeds

  • Instruments depending on type up to 300,000 rpm
  • KL motor 40,000 rpm