KaVo launches 4 new products.

KaVo is launching four impressive new products for its treatment units:

  1. The feather weight KaVo Minilight 3F complements the syringe portfolio.
  2. The KaVo ProXam iCam intraoral camera ensures extra image sharpness.
  3. The new, alternative assistant element of the KaVo uniQa can be used in treatment by both right- and left-handed users. 
  4. The uniQa also boasts an upgraded headrest with a mechanical clamp, making it even more ergonomic thanks to a new, slimmer design. 

As usual, KaVo showcases Dental Excellence in every detail.

Minilight triple function handpiece (cold syringe)

The new KaVo Minilight triple function handpiece joins KaVo’s high-quality syringe range.

The new KaVo Minilight from Luzzani is a high-quality alternative that complements the KaVo syringe range, which centres around the established KaVo 3F syringe. The new KaVo Minilight 3F is compatible with all KaVo treatment units as well as all dentist and assistant elements. It boasts an attractive, slim design and is surprisingly light-weight – hence its name. 

The two function keys can be individually specified when ordering, allowing you to use air, cold water and spray as required. The KaVo Minilight 3F is available as a straight or angled version. 

The KaVo Minilight 3F at a glance:

  • Appealing, extra-slim design 
  • Very lightweight – just 104 g
  • 3-fold functionality: air, cold water, spray
  • Custom key assignment and easy key operation 
  • Available in a straight or angled design
  • Compatible with all KaVo treatment units and can be used on all dentist and assistant elements
  • Sterilisable up to 134°C

Intraoral camera ProXam iCam

The new intraoral camera KaVo ProXam iCam replaces the ERGOcam One.

The new, elegant KaVo ProXam iCam is notable for the sharpness of its images and foot control, while also offering a practical macro mode for close-ups. But that's not all: the KaVo ProXam iCam also ensures optimum patient communication and image documentation! 

Not only is it fully compatible with the KaVo patient communication systems KaVo CONNECTbase and KaVo CONEXIO, but it can also be integrated into other software solutions like Romexis via the standalone KaVo TWAIN interface. Two cable lengths offer flexibility for any installation – 1.30 m for built-in units and 2.50 m for standalone use. 

The KaVo ProXam iCam at a glance:

  • Intraoral camera with high depth of field
  • Plug-and-play 
  • Macro mode for close-up shots 
  • Handy size and light weight 
  • Treatment unit integration or standalone connection 
  • Operation by hand or foot control for a stable holding position
  • Protected against contamination by practical disposable protective covers

Right/left swivelling assistant element uniQa

A smart add-on for greater flexibility: the new right/left swivelling assistant element for the KaVo uniQa.

KaVo can now offer all uniQa customers an alternative to the standard assistant element. Based on the established, popular concept of the KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life, the new swivelling assistant element optimises flexibility. Besides the popular features of the standard assistant element, the new version allows a quick and easy switch from left-handed to right-handed operation and vice versa.

With this new design, KaVo turns its bestseller into an ambidextrous treatment unit with optimum flexibility when used in combination with the S-table or cart. On top of these benefits, the KaVo uniQa also allows for two-handed treatment, such as in prophylaxis. 

The new KaVo uniQa assistant element at a glance:

  • When combined with the S-table or cart, the KaVo uniQa becomes a two-handed treatment unit 
  • Easy switching between left- and right-handed practitioners 
  • Simplified two-handed working 

KaVo uniQa headrest with mechanical clamp

Small upgrade, massive impact: the new, optimised KaVo uniQa headrest with mechanical clamp.

To make everyday work a little easier for everyone, KaVo now offers a practical, attractive upgrade for uniQa unit models: headrests with a mechanical clamp. The new, optimised headrest with a mechanical clamp is narrower than before and allows you to position the head of the patient even lower. 

The new headrest releases and adjusts the head position smoothly and easily and integrates seamlessly into the appealing uniQa design. 

The new KaVo uniQa headrest with mechanical clamp at a glance:

  • Especially narrow headrest with 18% less depth
  • Stable double-jointed positioning of the patient's head
  • Low effort required for loosening and positioning
  • Slim, attractive design

Typically KaVo: new products with superb details.

These new KaVo products not only make practice life more pleasant and comfortable, but also showcase the impressive quality for which KaVo is so renowned: durable, beautifully designed and ergonomically configured.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a product demo:

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