Popular – More popular – EXPERT series.

The popular KaVo EXPERT series of instruments can now experience a KaVo “excellence update”.

Since the very outset, the series has been known for its durability, efficiency and intelligent, high-quality product details. But in order to meet every practical requirement in rapidly changing times, and to fulfil the product promise in KaVo’s slogan “Dental Excellence”, the dental turbines in the KaVo EXPERT series have been further improved by including new features and technical details.

A cool head, high-tech ball bearings, more power and less noise.

KaVo EXPERTmatic E25 L and E25 C high-speed contra-angles are some of the most popular KaVo instruments. Smart features, including integration of the KaVo CoolHead technology and exclusive ball bearings, make these best sellers safer, more robust and more appealing.

The CoolHead technology actively prevents the instrument head from overheating if the button is accidentally pressed during treatment – e.g. if it comes into contact with the cheek. This way, painful contact can be prevented for both patients and treatment specialists, and patient safety can be guaranteed with the usual level of KaVo user comfort.

The ball bearings, installed in dental turbine contra-angles, need to be able to cope with extreme speeds and loads. Ball bearings made from ceramic are not only lighter and more resistant to wear, but also bring benefits such as resistance to corrosion and fluctuations in temperature, as well as lower friction. In addition, the exclusive KaVo ceramic ball bearings have optimised cage geometry and cage material for a longer service life.

The KaVo EXPERT Campaign

  • New KaVo CoolHead Technology 
  • KaVo exclusive High-Tech ball bearings
  • Increased power
  • Noise reduction of approx. 26%
  • 24 months warranty (previously 18 months)

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