SURGmatic S15 L Pro - Interview KaVo Development Team

KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro R&D Team: Thomas Classen, Jürgen Butscher, Johannes Kind, Manuel Jedrysiak mit Produktmanagerin Hannah Blaich

From Space to the dental practice - Why the new KaVo SURGmatic S15 L pro is out of this world.

The new surgical instrument amongst the KaVo instruments is not only characterised by an outstanding speed of up to 200,000 revolutions per minute, but also by Swabian engineering from start to finish. An interview with the KaVo development team. 

The new KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro speed increasing instrument impresses users with outstanding speed. What challenges did you have to overcome during development in order to achieve these high speeds?

Thomas Classen (TC): Different aspects had to be carefully considered for this. Above all, we had to install perfect storage technology and identify the optimal speed for the best possible cutting performance. In addition, we had to keep the temperature in mind throughout. In the new KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro, for example, we've built our special 3 -nozzle spray system. Irrespective of the treatment situation, improved, more homogeneous cooling is achieved.


A new product launch is always a very special step – and KaVo is known for setting milestones with its products. In your opinion, what is so special about the KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro?

TC: From a developer's point of view, there are a few things. This definitely includes the optimised ball bearings, the new spray guide with a perfect spray effect, and the CoolHead technology. 

Jürgen Butscher (JB): What I find so fantastic are the particularly high-quality materials. For example, the push button consists of a material that is also used in space technology. Therefore, we can definitely speak of good steel that is "out of this world".  

Johannes Kind (JK): The hybrid application options are also great. The KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro is suitable for surgical AND for "conventional" dental applications. 

A new development is always an exciting and complex process. How long did it take to develop the SURGmatic S15 L Pro and how complex are the product tests before the instrument is released to market? 

Manuel Jedrysiak (MJ): It usually takes about two years from the start of the project to the launch. Since we developed the instrument directly in accordance with the new MDR guidelines, the team had to master a significantly higher level of testing and documentation. In the end, however, each of these steps contributes to an even higher level of product safety.

TC: Yes, that's right. The standards are very high in terms of the general state of the art, but also, for example, the materials used. In addition, the various internal and external test requirements are intensive. Everything is put through extensive testing several times. 

KaVo has been impressing the dental world with its innovative strength for several generations. How do you manage to keep coming up with exciting innovations over and over again?

TC: From our point of view, there are two decisive factors here: We maintain a close, constant exchange with product management and sales, who are our connection to the market, in order to understand the needs of dentists at all times. And the fact that the development team comprises young, innovative employees and experienced engineers with extensive detailed knowledge, which makes for a great combination. And of course it should not be forgotten that here in Upper Swabia, we are generally known for our engineering skills.

Mastering these requirements certainly requires a lot of manpower. How many developers worked on the "SURGmatic S15 L Pro" project?

MJ: The three of us in the core team gave everything we had to the project. And of course we always had great support from our colleagues on the entire KaVo development team. 


And which KaVo development novelty can we look forward to next?

MJ: When developing the new SURGmatic S15 L Pro, we further expanded our existing know-how and were able to implement many new ideas. We certainly won't run out of ideas in the future either. It's always exciting. .

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