The new KaVo ProXam Imaging Portfolio.

KaVo and Planmeca join forces in the field of dental imaging. Backed by expertise in digital workflows, industry-wide experience and a strong passion for modern dentistry, a new imaging portfolio is being created that offers dentists innovative added value and sets new benchmarks in imaging diagnostics.

KaVo ProXam – the name says it all: Two strong partners combine their expertise for the future of dental imaging – the KaVo
ProXam name says it all. "Pro" and "Xam" are combined in one name, on the one hand to build a symbolic bridge to Planmeca's X-ray portfolio and, on the other hand, to honour the success of KaVo's imaging history. 

And the "X" in the middle of the name stands for X-ray. These KaVo naming elements will continue to appear in the field of imaging diagnostics in the future.

KaVo and Planmeca are committed to combining intelligent technologies from proven and new imaging solutions to create added benefits for the diagnostic workflow in the dental practice.

The new KaVo ProXam series utilises the premium technology of Planmeca's imaging portfolio, thus rounding out KaVo's product range in this important area of digital dental practice.

The KaVo ProXam series is a compelling example of quality, reliability and convenience, with outstanding image quality and ease of use, creating added value for diagnostic processes. Thanks to its compatibility with popular all-in-one software solution Romexis, and its versatile integration options, a smart network of all relevant imaging devices can be created.

KaVo ProXam – one portfolio for every possibility.

As part of its aim to offer a complete solution, KaVo is expanding its range to include the KaVo ProXam portfolio, which includes solutions for extraoral imaging, intraoral X-rays and intraoral scanning.

Dental practices and clinics looking to future-proof their digital investments and who value KaVo's legacy values of quality, reliability and service will find everything they want with the ProXam portfolio: choosing the KaVo ProXam concept means choosing premium quality with proven, reliable technologies.

Imaging Software

Optimally networked diagnostics.

Romexis – KaVo has one of the most successful imaging software solutions in its range for practices and clinics.

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ProXam Extraoral Imaging

A new dimension in the dental radiology process.

The KaVo ProXam imaging portfolio offers the right extraoral X-ray option for every need.

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ProXam Intraoral Imaging

Compelling precision and inspiring reliability.

The KaVo ProXam portfolio forms the perfect team for modern intraoral diagnostics.

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KaVo ProXam combines the demands of today with the dental imaging of tomorrow.

The KaVo ProXam series is designed to tackle the daily challenges of dental diagnostics as efficiently as possible and to offer all the options for a digital future. The basis of the KaVo imaging portfolio, where everything is networked and interlinked, is a unique all-in-one software platform, Romexis. 

With this software solution, which has been tried and tested for years, dentists will be able to integrate all of their imaging devices into a smarter practice workflow.

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