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Fast problem solving – all around the world.

At KaVo, dental excellence includes not only premium instruments and treatment units, but also excellent service and perfectly matched service provision.

Since the company was founded in 1909, everything at KaVo has been based on the guiding principles of quality and precision. In addition to the development and assembly of all treatment units and instruments, KaVo services and service provision also come directly from our headquarters in Biberach - representing the highest level of quality. This is how KaVo manages to live up to its promise of "Dental Excellence" at all levels.

That is the proven all-round quality that pays off – every single day. That is Dental Excellence from KaVo.

> 50 %

Instrument failures

occur due to inadequate or improper cleaning and care, or due to application errors.



at KaVo support the KaVo specialised dental dealers with technical support.



from our certified KaVo dental dealers are trained at the KaVo Campus in Biberach each year.

> 500

Customer enquiries and orders

processed every day.

85 %

of cases

can be resolved directly on the phone.

Efficiently comply with medical device legislation.

Since dental instruments and small equipment are also covered by medical device legislation, this also has a direct impact on the everyday practice of dentists. 

The operator, i.e. the owner of the practice, is responsible for the operation, use and maintenance of the medical devices, and correct performance by the practice team is also of the utmost importance. 

That's why it's important to rely on professionalism, the highest quality and safety standards not only when buying a product, but also when buying accessories and spare parts, as well as in the event of any necessary repairs.

Why KaVo Original parts are important.

The use of original parts plays an important role here – especially with regard to safety and liability issues. If, for example, parts from third-party suppliers are used to repair the installed KaVo treatment unit, there may be unauthorised product modifications. As a result, the approval (CE conformity) and the legal safety requirements may no longer apply. This means that the product no longer has a valid approval. 

Furthermore, it is prohibited to place a modified product on the market that has not undergone a conformity assessment and for which there is reasonable suspicion that the safety and health of patients and users could be endangered. The same also applies to installing or attaching non-KaVo-Original accessories to treatment units that have already been installed in the field.

More about KaVo original spare parts

Warranty claims and liability in the event of damage.

If a defect or error in a KaVo product is due to the lack of compatibility of the non KaVo-Original part, KaVo itself can no longer assume any liability. 

Instead, the manufacturer of the non-KaVo-Original part or you as the operator of the medical device become liable. You should therefore always check whether the supplier or manufacturer has legal product liability insurance if you want to use a non- KaVo-Original part. If the supplier or manufacturer is based abroad, it is also advisable to ensure cross-border product liability insurance coverage. 

Therefore, be particularly careful when installing or using non-KaVo-Original parts.

Everything is Made in Germany.

Also when it comes to spare parts, repairs, support and service.

Original spare parts are indispensable to preserve the value of the product, as well as for safety, and to ensure that your KaVo product remains a genuine KaVo product. Everything – from the manufacturing processes to the production plants – is governed by a single objective: Maximum quality. And at KaVo this includes: Made in Biberach, Germany.