• More safety thanks to KaVo Direct Stop Technology (DST)
  • High-tech FG chuck with carbide guide bushing for precise, centric running and optimum longevity
  • Small head size for optimal access even in preparation areas that are difficult to access, for example when treating children and seniors
  • High-quality ceramic ball bearings Made in Germany for really low vibrations during preparation work
  • Up to 31 watts of power (M9000L) at 3.5 bar MULTIflex gauge pressure for high power and efficient work, even during difficult preparations
  • Bur retention power of up to 32 N for increased retention power above the required standard
  • Excellent visibility and optimal accessibility thanks to the ergonomic KaVo 100°/19° head- knee angle combination
  • High-quality materials with Plasmatec coating in first-class KaVo workmanship
  • Unpleasant operating noise is eliminated, ensuring quiet, relaxed working

Super strong. Super quiet. Super relaxed working.

Thanks to their impressive performance, lower weight and particularly high-quality features, KaVo MASTERtorque and KaVo MASTERtorque Mini turbines are a real alternative to dental high-speed instruments.

See the compelling advantages of our KaVo MASTERtorque models for yourself and enjoy outstanding comfort and relaxed working.

KaVo MASTERtorque - More than simply a turbine.

  • Direct Stop Technology (DST)
    • Safe, bur stops in one second 
    • Hygienic, no reactive suction of aerosol, for a longer life
  • Powerful
    • Powerful and quick operation with maximum power of up to 31 Watt at 3.5 bar (power depends on drive pressure and other parameters)
  • Whisper quiet turbine
    • 57 dB(A) resp. 59 dB(A) (mini version)
    • Eliminate unpleasant noises for patients and treatment personnel
    • Intelligent sound-design eliminates high frequencies
  • Excellent visibility in spray mode​
    • Overall height 13.1 mm (standard version) or 12.1 mm (mini version) for good access and overview
    • Preparation areas optimally visible in spray mode, light and spray nozzles

Key Features

Optimum access
thanks to ergonomic head/knee angle combinations

Replaceable spray microfilter 
for effective and trouble-free spray cooling

Ceramic ball bearings
for excellent quiet and low-vibration operation

KaVo push-button chuck system
with a retention power of up to 32 N for secure retention of the bur

Small head size
for easy, efficient access to the preparation area

and sterilizable up to 135°C / 275°F

Plasmatec coating
ffor a perfect grip and excellent hygiene

Direct Stop Technology (DST)
Bur stops in less than one second for greater safety during treatment

4-port spray 
with ultra-fine spray wetting for optimum cooling

Non-return feature
effectively prevents contaminated debris and aerosol getting inside the housing around the head

Glass rod light conductor
with up to 25,000 lux for reliable detection of the preparation margins

Low volume
To eliminate unpleasant noises for patients and treatment personnel

Maximum power
of up to 31 watts for more efficient work

24-month warranty
for proven quality



MASTERtorque M9000

MASTERtorque Mini 8700

Direct Stop Technology (bur stops in 1 second, no back suction)
High torque even with difficult preparations, at 3.5 barUp to approx. 31 watt powerUp to approx. 30 watt power
Noise (quiet, vibration-free operation)Up to approx. 57 dB(A)Up to approx. 59 dB(A)
Compact head height for excellent visibility and accessibilityHead height: 13.1 mm Head Ø: 12.5 mmHead height: 12.1 mm Head Ø: 10.8 mm
Ideal combination of angles100°-Kopf/19°-Knie100°-Kopf/19°-Knie
KaVo Plasmatec (pleasant gripping surface)
Exchangeable microfilter
KaVo original ball bearing
KaVo retention forceUp to 32N chuck strengthUp to 32N chuck strength
Nozzle spray for optimum cooling4-Nozzle spray3-Nozzle spray
KaVo MULTIflex couplers
Sterilisable im Autoclaves at up to 135°C
With light (25.000 Lux) 
Available in chocolate brown, anthracite and silver
Mat. no.M9000 L: 1.008.7900  
M9000 LS: 1.008.5400
M8700 L: 3.001.0000  
M8700 LS: 3.001.0600



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Cost-effective, thorough and straightforward instrument preparation.
  • Fast and efficient: It takes just one minute for each maintenance cycle if you are processing four instruments, and the entire process is controlled via a program and automated.
  • Purging function: The innovative feature pressurises and cleans the instrument gear and spray channels with compressed air – doing so also removes excess oil residues.
  • Collet program: Optimal collet cleaning and care – for reliable instrument holding power and functional reliability.