KaVo ERGOcam™️ One

  • Compact intraoral camera with comfortable handling
  • Long depth of field, so no need to focus
  • Superb colour rendering
  • Image triggering by hand or foot control

Putting your performance in the picture.

Get the perfect picture every time with a device that’s small and easy to use. The compact KaVo ERGOcam One intraoral camera has been specially developed to capture individual teeth and detailed tooth structures with precision, delivering crisp, sharp images even at a 10–25-mm distance.

Intraoral Camera ERGOcam One – small camera, great results

With this intraoral x-ray camera you have an easy job.

Easily explain the actual dental situation to your patients with images with high sharpness and outstanding colour reproduction.

The depth of sharpness is so high you will not need to focus. The easy to operate intraoral camera KaVo ERGOcam One delivers perfect images at all times.

This is not only convenient, it also saves valuable time. The image resolution of this intraoral camera can be activated by hand or with the foot control.


Diagnose, communicate, treat.

Explaining the treatment plan to the patient and obtaining their consent are fundamental components of any treatment.

To make this step as efficient as possible, you can use the intraoral recordings of the findings with the ERGOcam One for substantive pictorial communication.

Example images

TWAIN driver installation

Tutorial der TWAIN-Treiberinstallation für KaVo ERGOcam One auf einem Windows-Betriebssystem.