Dental Teacher™️

  • Rapid computer-assisted validation of preparations in just two minutes
  • Fast, objectively measurable results displayed in clear graphics
  • Documentable results and assessments
  • Students can also test themselves
  • 3D scanner for fully automatic scanning
  • Optional virtual articulation
  • Personalised support and effective monitoring from your workstation

Preparation validation 2.0 – quick, easy and transparent.

KaVo Dental Teacher provides digital assistance with assessing preparations by using a visual overlay to compare the preparation with the master version or a model tooth. It has a section, measurement and angle calculation function, and allows users to take screenshots for documentation and presentation.

1. Preparation

2. Extraction

3. Load task

4. Scan

5. Result

KaVo Dental Teacher: The fastest way to validate student preparations.

Objective, automated, computer-assisted. Easy and quick. The whole process takes only two minutes.

With the KaVo Dental Teacher

Without the KaVo Dental Teacher

Objective, computer-assisted validation in just two minutes.On average 5-10 minutes.
Measurable results through clear graphics.Feedback is only verbal, descriptive.
Documented results. Students can optimise their work based on the facts.No documented validation. Students must remember what to improve.
Always available 24/7.Only available during instructor working hours.
Students can test themselves.Students have to wait for the instructor.

Available tools

Visuelle Überlagerung Studentenpräparation-Masterpräparation-Anatomischer Zahn


Frei definierbare Schnittansicht durch alle Objekte

Messung der Abstände Studentenpräparation zu Masterpräparation oder anatomischen Zahn

Determination of the preparation angle

Visualisation of the pulp (optional module)

Virtual articulator with "WAXup" (optional module)

Dental Teacher Workflow

Teacher 'To Do' tasks

  1. Make the master preparation
  2. Create task
  3. Scan master preparation
  4. Assess student preparation


Student 'To Do' tasks

  1. Make the preparation
  2. Select task
  3. Scan
  4. Evaluate the preparation

Scope of delivery & Technical Details

The system is supplied with all components required for operation. This includes:

  • Computer, 
  • Screen, 
  • 3-D Scanner. 

All necessary software components are installed and configured at the factory. 

On-site training for the Dental Teacher software is included in the price.

Dental Teacher

3D Scanner 
Size (W×H×D)455 × 430 × 420 mm
Weightapprox. 23 kg
Mains voltage100-240 V, AC, 50-60 Hz
Connections1× USB, 1× cold appliance plug
Warranty36 Months
Measuring field (X×Y×Z)80 × 60 × 85 mm
Camera pixels1,3 MP
Accuracy6 µm (according ISO 12836)
Sensor technologyStrip light triangulation with white light LED
Measurement speed 
Complete jawScanning: approx. 16 sec, Matching: approx. 13 sec, Total: approx. 29 sec.
Single stumpScanning: approx. 33 sec., Matching: approx. 8 sec., Total: approx. 41 sec.
3-unit bridgeScanning: approx. 45 sec., Matching: approx. 22 sec., Total: approx. 67 sec.

Optional Module

with virtual articulator to explain functional occlusion:

The principles of occlusion, articulation and functional jaw movements are difficult to convey with just images and paper. 

The KaVo Virtual Articulator guides the student through the occlusal plane.

The relationships between occlusion can be clearly shown by simulating jaw movement and interaction with the antagonist with different adjusted angles of the condyle path inclination. 

At the same time, targeted cuts can be made through contact areas of particular interest, e.g. through canine guidance.

The virtual construction of different types of restorations can be clearly demonstrated. For support, contact areas and distances can be automatically marked with a colour scheme. 

At the same time, dynamic contact zones can be visualised; here, the canine guidance in a laterotrusion to the left.

Optional module "MasterPREP" – library with master preparations

Examples of different types of preparations, mostly showing pulps:

KaVo Dental Teacher @ Uni Malmö

KaVo interviewed the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmö University in Sweden.

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