Dental Articulators and Face Bows

Dental articulators and face bows: Accuracy in perfection.

Innovation and technology that will take you to the next level.

For many years, KaVo has offered innovative solutions in the field of articulation and facebow measurement for dental practices and laboratories. The high-quality articulators in the KaVo PROTARevo range are characterised not only by their excellent product quality and precision, but also by their flexibility.

Interchangeable upper articulator parts not only save money, but also offer all the options that any effective work in a modern dental practice would demand. The compatible KaVo ARCUSdigma face bows record the required values quickly and easily. KaVo PROTARevo and KaVo ARCUSdigma: A masterful team when it comes to precision and efficiency.

Choosing dental excellence means choosing performance that creates added value – with articulators and face bows from KaVo.

KaVo PROTARevo – design and function for perfect precision.

The right articulator for every application and every user – KaVo is the obvious choice. The KaVo PROTARevo articulator range has been setting standards in terms of quality and flexibility for years.

Simply clever: All KaVo PROTARevo articulators work on the same lower articulator parts and, depending on the requirement, the appropriate upper articulator part can be selected and easily replaced. 

This helps make the KaVo PROTARevo articulators cost-effective and real all-rounders for dental practices and laboratories. No matter which model you choose: Investing in a KaVo
PROTARevo articulator is always the best decision to ensure the quality of your own work.

Get to know and love the precision and flexibility of the KaVo PROTARevo models.

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KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 – movement is recorded as quickly as possible.

The perfect team: For more efficiency, flexibility and precision.

With the KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 face bow, which was developed for routine dental practice, mandibular movements can be determined quickly and easily by means of optical laser measurement and immediately used for diagnosis. 

The entire ARCUSdigma system can also be used to support the design of dentures or bite splints – the relevant values can be easily transferred to the articulator.

Thanks to the smartly integrated KaVo Transfer System (KTS), combined use of the KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 and a KaVo PROTARevo articulator offers significant advantages in terms of precision and efficiency during routine dental practice work and in dental laboratories.

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