KaVo Laboratory Handpieces

Powerful handpieces for dental technology.

KaVo develops products that meet the highest demands, especially those of modern dental technology.

KaVo laboratory handpieces have been impressing dental technicians all over the world, ever since the well-known KaVo K9, thanks to their high performance and intelligent details. 

Their features make routine work in the dental laboratory easier, more convenient and more efficient. The powerful drives have set new standards in terms of torque, which is key to lab work: Thanks to their modern motor technology, they generate a 20% lower surface temperature than most dental technology handpieces, even if they are used continuously.

The KaVo laboratory handpieces: Performance and comfort raised to the power of three.

The perfect triad: No matter which dental task lies ahead, the right instrument is always on hand if you have the three KaVo laboratory drives. 

The KaVo laboratory handpieces span an entire performance spectrum that makes reliable dental precision possible.

KaVo K-Control TLC control unit.

Choose between table, knee or foot control.

The KaVo K-Control TLC control unit is the perfect partner for KaVo laboratory handpieces. There's an option to suit your space and working preferences: KaVo K-Control TLC control units come with foot, knee or table control. 

Automatic handpiece recognition makes light work of switching instruments – simply replace the desired handpiece and the new tool will automatically appear on the KaVo K- Control TLC colour display. 

Torque and speed are also already set. It couldn't be easier or faster.

Product information K-Control TLC

With KaVo, the optimal solution is always available – even when it comes to service.

All KaVo laboratory handpieces minimise the number of components required. This in turn minimises maintenance effort and helps assure you of simple, quick and cost-effective service. 

However, certain components of your KaVo dental handpiece may be subject to mechanical wear over the years, so we guarantee fast and cost-effective solutions with the KaVo after-sales service and the KaVo BOX – including professional handling and short maintenance times.