KaVo Centro™️

  • Sturdy, easy-to-assemble carrier system
  • Future-proof and versatile with free configuration and expansion options
  • Vibration-free attachment of microscopes, IO X-ray equipment, etc.
  • High load capacity

Have a handle on the essentials at all times.

For a perfect workflow, you need everything close at hand. The KaVo Centro carrying system is the ultimate solution for stowing your key units conveniently, directly in the centre of the treatment process. KaVo Centro ensures that you won’t have to reach too far, makes for ease of movement and ensures greater flexibility for the future.

Chaos in the practice?

  • Where do I place the lighting?
  • Where does the monitor belong?
  • Which is the best place for additional equipment?
  • Where shall I put the X-ray unit?
  • How is the microscope best installed?
  • Where does the operating light go?

KaVo Centro - Everything easily within reach

  • treatment light
  • display
  • X-ray unit
  • support tray
  • microscope
  • operating light

KaVo Centro: The central organisation and support system.

  • Everything easily within reach: No tangle of cables, no trailing cables
  • Individually configurable
  • Concentrated and ergonomic work
  • Free paths for staff and patients
  • A system with a future: freely configurable and extendable for future technologies
  • Strong: 2-point fastening on floor and ceiling
  • Retrofittable: Various cross-arms for mounting different components
  • 4 continuous installation ducts and free access

Three different lengths

Available in different lengths for the following room heights:

  • 2,40 - 2,90 m
  • 2,91 - 3,40 m
  • 3,41 - 3,90 m