KaVo ProXam iS

  • Reliable, brilliant images in HD quality with a particularly high resolution and an ideal combination of noise level and contrast
  • Large dynamic range for sharp images regardless of the radiation dose
  • Robust, durable workmanship with protective fibre-glass coating and a robust cable
  • Three different sizes and rounded edges for easy and comfortable positioning in the oral cavity
  • Flexible installation options (also with third-party providers thanks to a separate interface box)
  • User-friendly, simple application possible on the KaVo ProXam iX
  • Time-saving, simple one-hand operation and flexible use thanks to the magnetic interface

The digital, intraoral KaVo ProXam iS X-ray sensors deliver brilliant, high-resolution image results in HD quality, regardless of the radiation dose. 

Solid and robust, they are characterised by their high quality and durability. Especially in combination with the KaVo ProXam iX, they offer compelling comfort during use.

KaVo ProXam iS in video:

KaVo ProXam iS - Demo Video

KaVo ProXam Imaging Portfolio

Impressive image quality

Thanks to their large dynamic range, the KaVo ProXam iS sensors consistently deliver high-quality images, regardless of whether the radiation dose is high or low. The recordings are in HD quality and, thanks to the small pixel size of 15 µm and the high resolution of over 20 lp/mm, they offer the optimal combination of noise level and contrast for a detailed diagnosis.

Solid, reliable and durable. The KaVo ProXam iS sensors are particularly robust, have high-quality workmanship and are also covered with a protective glass fibre layer. The sensor cable is reinforced and therefore ideally suited to continuous daily use.

Perfect results through careful construction of each individual layer:

  1. White housing – easier positioning due to better visibility
  2. Carbon fibre plate – protection from bites and other external impacts
  3. Shock-absorbing layer – drop and impact protection
  4. Scintillator – guarantees sharp images
  5. Fibre optic board – high signal-to-noise ratio and high modulation transfer function
  6. Optical coupling – vivid images over the entire image area through perfect optimisation and control
  7. CMOS image sensor – HD camera
  8. LTCC electronics – robust sensor
  9. Protection against backscatter – reliable patient protection and sharper images
  10. Cable – premium durability with Kevlar coating and only two cores

These sensors are a symbol of greatness.

The KaVo ProXam iS sensors are available in three different sizes: 

  • Size 0 – for use with children, for example, for single tooth or bitewing exposures. 
  • Size 1 – ideal for exposures in the anterior region. 
  • Size 2 – suitable for bitewing shots, for example. 


The optionally available right-angle holders support the safe and easy positioning of the sensors in the oral cavity. They are also available in three different sizes: 0, 1 and 2 to match the sensors.

Full flexibility for many options.

There are two different installation options for the ProXam iS sensors. The sensors are either integrated directly into the KaVo ProXam iX X-ray unit, or connected to the X-ray units (including third-party supplier units) with the separate interface box via USB or Ethernet cable.

The total KaVo package. 

Each KaVo ProXam iX X-ray unit is factory-prepared for easy integration and use of the KaVo ProXam iS X-ray sensors. As a result, optional retrofitting is extremely easy and is possible without the need for time-consuming cable laying on the unit. 

Thanks to the magnetic interface, the sensor can be attached with one hand. In this way, the sensor size can be changed quickly and easily, or the sensors can be easily transported from room to room.

Top Advantages
  • Progressive image sensor for sharp images with high contrast and low noise level 
  • Theoretical resolution 33lp/mm, true resolution >20 lp/mm
  • Large dynamic range 
  • Three sensor sizes with rounded edges
  • White housing for easy positioning 
  • Magnetic plug for easy operation
  • Colour-coded LED light on the interface box for immediate feedback 
  • Hermetically sealed housing provides maximum infection protection 
  • Automatic transmission of the exposure parameters to Romexis (in connection with KaVo ProXam iX and Connector Box) 
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS 
  • Plug and Play USB solution 
  • Integrated calibration for quick change between users

Technical specification

Sensor typeCMOS with scintillator
Pixel Size   15 μm x 15 μm
Image format16 bit
Resolution (normal)17 lp/mm
Resolution (high)> 20 lp/mm
Theoretical resolution33 lp/mm
Cable length1m or 2m
Expected service life10 years/ 100,000 cycles
SensorSize 0Size 1Size 2
Dimensions33,6 x 23,4 x 7,1 mm39,7 x 25,1 x 7,1 mm44,1 x 30,4 x 7,1 mm
Active area25,5 x 18,9 mm30,6 x 20,7 mm36 x 26,1 mm
Pixel matrix1700 x 12582040 x 13802400 x 1740
Pixel count2,14 M2,82 M4,18 M
Image size850 x 629 (0,5 MP)/
1700 x 1258 (2,13 M)
1020 x 690 (0,7 MP)/
2040 x 1380 (2,82 M)
1200 x 870 (1,0 MP)/
2400 x 1740 (4,18 M)
Interface box  


Dimensions112 x 46 x 24 mm 
Power consumption48 V DC 65 mA 
Interface box to PoERJ45 10 m or 15 m 
PoE to LANRJ45 10 m or 15 m 

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Phihong single port injector 
TypePSA16U-480 (POE)POE15M-1AF/
Input voltage100-240 V AC (50-60 Hz)100-240 V AC (50-60 Hz)
Output voltage48 V DC56 VDC
Maximum output current0,32 A0,275 A
Insulation voltage primary-secondary3000 V AC3000 V AC


Dimensions112 x 46 x 24 mm 
CablePermanently USB 2.0 network cable 2m 
Power consumption2,5 W 


IIntegrated iX/iS Ethernet interface
for direct connection of the KaVo ProXam iS sensors to the KaVo ProXam iX x-ray unit
Mat. No.: 2.023.2051

ProXam iS Ethernet interface box
Separate interface box
Mat. No. 2.023.2152

ProXam iS interface box USB 2m
Separate interface box
Mat. No.: 2.023.2052

TrollByte Kimera Starter Kit 0 
For positioning sensors size 0 in the mouth
Mat. No.: 2.023.2153

TrollByte Kimera Starter Kit 1 
For positioning sensors size 1 in the mouth
Mat. No.: 2.023.2154

TrollByte Kimera Starter Kit 2 
For positioning sensors size 2 in the mouth
Mat. No.: 2.023.2155

Sensor covers, 300 piece/carton
Mat. No.: 2.023.2071

ProXam iS Sensor Hanger
Mat. No.: 2.023.2072

Quart Set for KaVo ProXam iS/ ProXam iP
Mat. No.: 2.023.3003

USB-HUB D-link 
Optional for 2m USB cable for optimised data transmission
Mat. No.: 2.023.2060