PROPHYwiz™ 181 P


Tooth Polishing

For a great finish to every professional tooth cleaning, the final polish and seal of the enamel is essential. The PROPHYwiz™ is an ultra-light, well-balalnced handpiece that minimizes hand fatigue—making polishing easy and more enjoyable.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

  • Comfort and control: The PROPHYwiz is a light weight prophy handpiece that provides perfect balance for ultimate comfort.
  • The handpiece swivels 360º for unprecedented fingertip control and access to hard to reach areas, while eliminating tube drag.
  • This superb maneuverability is coupled with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands.

logo bug Made in Germany

Ideal for polishing

The PROPHYwiz makes polishing easier and more enjoyable. If you would like the most comfortable dental polisher to maximize productivity and make polishing easier and more enjoyable, the PROPHYwiz is the ergonomic hygiene air polisher handpiece of choice. The handpiece runs smoothly and quietly to optimize patient comfort while eliminating operator wrist and hand stress.


The PROPHYwiz is sterilizable up to 275˚ F making it easy to integrate into your normal hygiene workflow. The PROPHYwiz works with disposable prophy angles and has a small heads for better visibility in the treatment area.

Ultralight handpieces; minimizes hand fatigue

Ergonomic and well balanced

Whisper quiet

Smoothest running

Autoclavable to 275 degrees (135 degree C) 3100 RPM

For metal Doriot attachments or disposable prophy angles

360 degree rotation at center

1 year warranty

Part No. 1003.2278




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PROPHYwiz 181 P
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