SONICflex™️ 2003 L / quick 2008 L

  • KaVo Plasmatec coating
  • Pleasant, substance-friendly treatment with approx. 6,000 Hz oscillating tip movement
  • Superb patient comfort and virtually painless tartar removal
  • Three different power settings with 120, 160 or 240 μm amplitude
  • Additional hygiene assurance with optional tip adapter for RKI-compliant processing
  • Quick and easy tip changing thanks to the KaVo short thread (SONICflex 2008 variants)
  • Flexible power adjustment according to indication, from powerful to gentle/minimally invasive

The powerful and quiet air scaler from KaVo.

Gentle, oscillating tip movements on three power settings make the KaVo SONICflex airscaler equally popular among practitioners and patients alike. 

Whether you use it for prophylaxis, periodontics, EndoClean, prep or fissure sealing, thanks to its more than 50 tips, this instrument will become one of the most used in your dental practice in no time at all.

Air scaler KaVo SONICflex - your daily head start in terms of performance.

KaVo SONICflex is certainly the dental instrument with a very broad range of use in dentistry:

  • Prophylaxis
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Minimally invasive caries therapy
  • Preparation

It supports your efforts with adjustable performance levels for a myriad of indications – strong and precise

Over 50 different tips

KaVo SONICflex – main features and advantages

  • The most comprehensive spectrum of clinical indications, including gentle prophylactic treatment, of all sonically powered scalers available on the market
  • Easy and fast tip change – effective, saves time, and prevents unnecessary interruptions of your workflow
  • Very high clinical power – up to 50% more than the predecessor model – difficult plaque is easily removed
  • No additional equipment is necessary; just connect it to the KaVo MULTIflex coupling or the variant KaVo SONICflex 2008 LS to the Sirona Click&Go coupling, without any annoying, over-floor cables, or additional foot controls
  • Optimum illumination: 25,000 LUX for clear visualisation, without eye-fatigue - also available with LED
  • Substantially quieter than comparable models offered by competitors (up to 15 dB) – which translates into less stress for the dental team and patients
  • Proven KaVo quality – the KaVo SONICflex 2003 and quick 2008, represent the third scaler generation from KaVo, the culmination of 25 years of knowledge and experience
  • SONICflex 2003 variants: 24 months warranty

Adjustable performance for any indication

Output LevelAmplitudeFrequencyIndications
Level 1120 µm6000 HzFine finishing and particularly delicate work
Level 2160 µm6000 HzPreparation and work with medium intensity
Level 3240 µm6000 HzPowerful preparation and working with (very) high intensity

Effective working – with a twist.

Changing tips is easy with the KaVo SONICflex air scaler. Thanks to a process patented by KaVo, tips can be changed easily and quickly with just one twist.

This frees up valuable time and ensures effective workflow without any unnecessary interruptions.

Clearly reliable, ergonomic and hygienic.

Your KaVo SONICflex comes with an especially robust and easy to grip Plasmatec coating. This metal ceramic surface allows you to safely and securely position your KaVo SONICflex in your hand. Your fingers are more relaxed during treatment, and the grip is pleasantly warm. 

The Plasmatec surface is provided with the KaVo hygienic seal. It may be processed in a Thermodisinfector and sterilised up to 135°C. It therefore satisfies current guidelines for hygiene (such as RKI) – an important plus for the hygiene of your practice.


Tip Removal Tool
For changing tips. Sterilizable. Torque feature prevents over tightening of tips.
Part no. 1000.4887

Part no. 0411.0892

SONICflex Tips Overview


for SONICflex 2000N, 2000L, 2003 / L




for SONICflex 2008 / L / LS 
ApplicationKaVo tip nameMat. No.No.Mat. No.No.
Calculus removalSONICflex scaler tip universal0.571.5171No. 51.005.8949No. 5A
 SONICflex scaler tip crescent0.571.5181No. 61.005.8950No. 6A
 SONICflex scaler tip Perio0.571.5191No. 71.005.3951No. 7A
 SONICflex scaler tip perio extra-long0.571.5371No. 81.006.1953No. 8A
 SONICflex scaler tip set1.000.4983set1.005.9328set A
 SONICflex tip for brush attachments0.571.0401No. 481.006.1982No. 48A


Cleaning the root surface


SONICflex paro tip, long, straight0.571.7402No. 601.006.1934No. 60A
 SONICflex paro tip, long, left0.571.7412No. 611.006.1935No. 61A
 SONICflex paro tip, long, right0.571.7422No. 621.006.1936No. 62A
 SONICflex paro tip set0.571.3712set1.006.2020set A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip bud, small, left0.571.5621No. 241.006.1957No. 24A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, small, right0.571.5631No. 251.006.1959No. 25A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, small, universal0.571.5641No. 261.006.1961No. 26A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, large, perio0.571.5651No. 271.006.1963No. 27A


Cleaning the implant neck


SONICflex tip implan1.003.8167No. 481.006.2027No. 48A


Retrograde root canal treatment


SONICflex retro tip isthmus, left0.571.7322No. 561.006.2040No. 56A
 SONICflex retro tip isthmus, right0.571.7332No. 571.006.2041No. 57A
 SONICflex retro tip cylinder, small, left0.571.5541No. 161.006.2036No. 16A
 SONICflex retro tip cylinder, small, right0.571.5581No. 171.006.2035No. 17A
 SONICflex retro tip t-shape, small, left0.571.5521No. 201.006.2037No. 20A
 SONICflex retro tip t-shape, small, right0.571.5561No. 211.006.2038No. 121
 SONICflex retro tip anterior tooth0.571.7342No. 551.006.2039No. 55A


Locating and preparing the root canal


SONICflex endo tip button, small, diamond coated1.000.5825No. 661.006.1992No. 66A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 125°, diamond coated1.000.5822No. 671.006.1994No. 67A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 112°, diamond coated1.000.5823No. 681.006.1996No. 68A
 SONICflex endo tip button, large, diamond coated1.000.5827No. 691.006.1998No. 69A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 117°, tip not diamond coated1.000.5821No. 701.006.2000No. 70A
 SONICflex endo clean tip 961.006.2045No. 961.007.1142No. 96A
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0151.006.2042-1.006.2042-
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0201.006.2043-1.006.2043-
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0251.006.2044-1.006.2044-


Minimally-invasive caries therapy


SONICflex seal tip1.000.8323No. 451.007.1506No. 45A
 SONICflex micro torpedo tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6741No. 281.006.1965No. 28A
 SONICflex micro torpedo tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6731No. 291.006.1967No. 29A
 SONICflex micro tip, small hemisphere, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6811No. 301.006.1969No. 30A
 SONICflex micro tip, small hemisphere, distal, diamond coated0.571.6801No. 311.006.1971No. 31A
 SONICflex micro tip, large hemisphere, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6831No. 321.006.1973No. 32A
 SONICflex micro tip, large hemisphere, distal, diamond coated0.571.6821No. 331.006.1975No. 33A
 SONICflex micro tip set0.571.0421set1.006.2023set A
 SONICflex bevel Spitze, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7392No. 581.006.1988No. 58A
 SONICflex bevel tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7382No. 591.006.1990No. 59A
 SONICflex bevel set A0.571.0391set  
 SONICflex cariex D tip, spherical, small, diamond coated1.000.7105No. 421.006.1980No. 42A
 SONICflex cariex D tip, spherical, large diamond coated1.000.7167No. 431.006.1981No. 43A
 SONICflex cariex TC tip, spherical, small, hard metal1.000.7362No. 711.006.2002No. 71A
 SONICflex cariex TC tip, spherical, large, hard metal1.000.7363No. 721.006.2004No. 72A




SONICflex prep gold tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7212No. 491.006.1983No. 49A
 SONICflex prep gold tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7222No. 501.006.1984No. 50A
 SONICflex prep ceram tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7262No. 511.006.1985No. 51A
 SONICflex prep ceram tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7272No. 521.006.198&No. 52A
 SONICflex prep ceram set A0.571.0341Set1.006.2029set A
 SONICflex prep CAD/CAM tip, mesial, diamond coated1.002.1984No. 341.006.1977No. 34A
 SONICflex prep CAD/CAM tip, distal, diamond coated1.002.1986No. 351.006.1979No. 35A
 SONICflex CAD/CAM set A1.002.1988set1.006.2024set A
 SONICflex cem tip0.571.5431No. 121.006.2021No. 12A
 SONICflex crown prep 97 radius1.008.6383No. 971.008.6384No. 97A
 SONICflex crown prep 98 level1.008.6385No. 981.008.6386No. 98A




SONICflex bone Spitze, Kugel, groß, diamantiert, Sinus-Boden-Evaluation1.004.3876No. 811.006.2008No. 81A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Kugel, groß, undiamantiert, Sinus-Evaluation1.004.3877No. 821.006.2010No. 82A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Säge, saggital1.004.3878No. 831.006.2012No. 83A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Säge, axial1.004.3879No. 841.006.2014No. 84A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Elefantenfuß1.006.0645No. 851.007.1624No. 85A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, scratcher1.006.0741No. 861.007.1625No. 86A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Säge1.006.1275No. 871.007.1627No. 87A
 SONICflex bone Spitze, Vierkant, für bone splitting1.004.3875No. 801.007.2006No. 80A