Handpiece Service & Repairs

To continue benefitting from exceptional performance and service from your KaVo handpieces, and to maintain your KaVo warranty, have them serviced through KaVo. Send in your KaVo handpieces and small equipment for a standard, overhaul, or limited repair. 


Service & Repair Process 
STEP 1Call Your KaVo Dealer — Call your authorized KaVo dealer representative to initiate a paid repair order. Obtain your purchase order number and copy of your invoice. Warrantied and pre-approved repairs will automatically be repaired and returned. An estimate can be provided.*
STEP 2KaVo Service Box Request — For handpieces, have a KaVo Service Box mailed to you, or use your own box for small equipment like QUATTROcare™ Plus.
STEP 3Service Request Form — The KaVo Service Box will contain your completed service request form and shipping label. If you are using your own box, download it here. As indicated on the form, please detail the problem with your equipment. 
STEP 4Shipping Label — A shipping label is provided with the KaVo Service Box. If you are using your own box, complete the online shipping label.

Packing and Shipping — Pack your equipment securely for safe transit. Include your Service Request Form and if applicable, your dealer invoice. If claiming warranty, include a copy of the dealer invoice. Adhere the shipping label to the box, and ship.**

NOTE: All warranty and paid repairs are automatically returned via UPS® 2nd day air (QUATTROcare Plus returned via UPS Ground).

*If additional damage is found, an estimate will be sent to your dealer and we will ask for your authorization. All warranty claims must include a valid copy of the invoice.
**KaVo is not responsible for products damaged during shipment.

Service Box Request

For KaVo handpieces, complete this form to have a KaVo Service Box mailed to you or use your own box for small equipment (like QUATTROcare™ Plus).

The KaVo Service Box will arrive in approximately 2–3 business days and will include a repair request form and a shipping label.

Using your own box?

If you are not using a KaVo Service Box, download and print a repair request form, and print a UPS shipping label. Be sure to contact your authorized KaVo dealer to discuss the repair and get your authorized purchase order number.

Repair Types

Standard Repair

Equipment within the warranty period or pre-approved repairs will automatically be repaired and returned. It will be repaired to factory specifications, with thorough cleaning, using Genuine KaVo parts for lasting performance.

Complete Overhaul with 1-year Warranty

An overhaul includes meticulous cleaning and refurbishing of internal handpiece components to that of “new” product performance. The overhauled handpiece will carry a 1-year warranty on attachment overhauls and turbine replacements. Shipping and handling is included. An overhaul may result in change of serial number.

Limited Repair with 90-day Warranty

A limited repair includes: diagnostic testing, cleaning, and minor adjustments to meet KaVo specifications; and comes with a 90-day warranty for your product.

Warranty Information

View handpieces and small equipment warranty information.

Shipping & Packaging

Packing Instructions

1. Pack your equipment securely. KaVo is not responsible for products damaged during shipment.

2. In your shipping box, include your completed repair request form. If claiming warranty, also include a copy of your dealer invoice.*

3. Adhere the shipping label and ship via UPS or FedEx.

* A valid copy of the dealer invoice must be included in the box if you are claiming warranty on the repair.


UPS – If using  a KaVo BOX, shipping is free. Everything you need is included. Call UPS to schedule a pickup time and location.

FedEx – You may use your own box if shipping FedEx, however shipping charges and drop-off/pickup, are your responsibility.

All warranty and paid repairs are automatically returned via UPS® 2nd day air (QUATTROcare returned via UPS Ground).


View handpiece and small equipment warranty information here.

Distribution and transactions of KaVo products are handled through our authorized dealer partners. Therefore, it is required that all repairs have a dealer and repair purchase order number assigned to the equipment for KaVo to complete the repair process.

There are a lot of variables that affecting turnaround time. Depending on how many repairs are received in a day and the type of service requested, etc. We try to achieve the quickest turnaround possible, which is usually four business days or less for warranty and pre-approved repairs. Estimates are prepared within three business days of receiving approval documentation. On average, the estimate process takes 10 to 12 days.

We normally do not offer rental equipment for handpieces. Call 1-888-KAVO-USA to check repair conditions and get an estimate of time for the service needed.

If you decide not to repair and do not want it back KaVo can dispose of your equipment with written authorization. 

When directed, KaVo will provide estimates for repair to be communicated through your preferred dealer. Any repairs under $150 will automatically be repaired and billed. May increase turnaround time. 

View our Handpiece Care Brochure for information about the necessary care and the consequences of incorrect care with simple descriptions and visual representation.