Surgical efficient Performance.

To ensure new KaVo instruments not only meet the highest requirements, but also far exceed them, innovations at KaVo are all about teamwork. Specialists in design, development, marketing and sales all work together on-site in Biberach Germany throughout the entire product development phase. Preliminary drawings become 3D data, and initial material samples become final prototypes. 

The development of a KaVo instrument often begins in dental practices like yours. During numerous technical discussions around the world, we take note of your requirements and suggestions and, from those, derive the features for new KaVo instruments. For example, a refined Instrument head size for a better view of your work, easier hygiene and any specific requirements from your specialist area of work. This includes KaVo’s latest Handpiece development called “CoolHead Technology”.

The new KaVo CoolHead Technology actively prevents excessive heating of the head if the push button is accidentally pressed. Featured in multiple KaVo Handpieces, it was first introduced as part of KaVo’s Surgical Portfolio, integrated into the head of the new speed increasing 1:5 Surgical Red Band Handpiece, the KaVo SURGmatic S15L Pro.

Being the only speed-increasing instrument for dental surgery with a transmission ratio of 1:5 and speeds of up to 200,000 rpm, the KaVo SURGmatic S15L Pro sets a new standard, and its superior cutting performance makes daily work from hemisection to crown cutting easier.

Mr Manuel Jedrysiak (Director of KaVo R&D and Engineering), and Mr Thomas Classen (KaVo Handpiece Engineer) spoke about the exciting new development:
“It usually takes about two years from the start of the project to the launch. Since we developed the instrument directly in accordance with the new MDR guidelines, the team had to master a significantly higher level of testing and documentation. In addition, we had to keep the instrument temperature in mind throughout. In the new KaVo SURGmatic S15 L Pro, for example, we've built our special 3 -nozzle spray system. Irrespective of the treatment situation, improved, more homogeneous cooling is achieved and each of these steps contributes to an even higher level of product safety.”

The SURGmatic S15L Pro is a real all-rounder. In addition to surgical applications such as the removal of wisdom teeth, hemisections, osteotomies or apicectomy, non-surgical activities such as preparations, crown lengthening or the separation of crowns can also be carried out effortlessly.

KaVo’s family of SURGmatic Pro instruments, have set new standards in this premium segment and, as you would expect, meets the highest requirements in terms of performance, handling, and durability. Combined with KaVo’s Surgical Motor portfolio, MASTERsurg™ and EXPERTsurg™, which are simple, intuitive and easy to use with large colour screens and pictorial guides for step-by-step procedures, KaVo helps you take Dental Surgery to a whole new level.


Source: Bite Magazine, August 2023


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