Repair and Maintenance

Premium products deserve premium service.

Regular maintenance of treatment units and instruments is a decisive factor in operational safety – and is also required by medical device legislation. This is why KaVo, as a premium manufacturer, has established an efficient all-round service that is there for you quickly, competently and with optimal planning. For the safety you need and a smooth process in daily dental practice.

At KaVo, dental excellence also includes smart service packages – efficient, uncomplicated and professional.

KaVo Treatment Units.

Costs time and money: Waiting for service. Saves time and money: Planned, regular maintenance.

As a medical device manufacturer, KaVo is obliged to stipulate maintenance activities, technical safety inspections and integrated unit tests. This approach serves two purposes: it ensures functional safety and prevents damage, health hazards and legal risks. Regular maintenance also prevents expensive downtimes and helps you to preserve the value of your treatment unit. In addition, all operators, equipment officers and users in Germany are legally mandated to operate their equipment in accordance with the requirements in medical device legislation. 

The recommended maintenance service must be conducted on an annual basis to guarantee that your KaVo products are always ready to use, safe and maintain their value. Among others, these maintenance services also include all testing and inspection activities listed in Article 7 of the Medical Device Operators Ordinance (MPBetreiberV), as well as the prescribed technical safety inspections at intervals of 2 years. Dental practice operators are responsible for:

  • Conducting the safety check in accordance with IEC 62353
  • Amalgam separator tests
  • Compliance with hygiene standards

These requirements can be met during the scope of maintenance carried out by KaVo or the certified specialised dealers. The following individuals are authorised to carry out repairs and maintenance:

  • Technicians from the KaVo branches who have received appropriate product training.
  • Technicians from KaVo authorised dealers who have been specially trained by KaVo.
  • All certified service technicians are also obliged to only use original KaVo spare parts.

A KaVo maintenance will include:

  • Testing of all important functions, e.g. hygiene functions, safety switch, etc.
  • Cleaning the suction system, Aquamat and selection unit, as well as the replacement of worn parts
  • Replacement of worn parts in the water block, and inspection for leaks
  • Inspection of O-rings on the dentist and assistant elements, hoses and pressures, and replacement of worn parts
  • Amalgam separator test
  • Safety test

The best way to prevent costly downtime.

The KaVo certified technician and the KaVo maintenance kit are an unbeatable team when it comes to ensuring the operational safety of your treatment unit. 

The kit replaces any required parts with KaVo Original parts, ensuring safety and the necessary efficiency and enabling maintenance activities
to be carried out systematically.

With the Service Protect+ package, KaVo also offers a special benefit: It ensures the legally required levels of hygiene and functional safety and reduces downtimes and unplanned costs – for more investment and planning security.


More information Service Protect+

*Consumables and worn parts, labour and travel expenses are not included.

KaVo Instruments. 

Safety and value preservation, cleverly solved.

We manufacture and produce everything on-site at KaVo in Biberach to ensure the safety of the treatment team and the patients, as well as to guarantee the best possible treatment results. KaVo instruments are valuable and their function and quality are intended to last over many years of use. Rather than discarding defective products, it is almost always more economical to repair them using original spare parts for KaVo Instruments. 

We take our service offering seriously, so KaVo has created an attractive, professional range of services to set new standards. In addition to the reliability of the KaVo service, the fact that original parts are exclusively used for repairs plays an important role for the user, as this allows us to guarantee maximum durability, reliable function and, last but not least, absolute legal security.

Disregarding the manufacturer's specifications can have unwanted consequences:

  • If the shaft is worn, the bur holding force might be too low and the bur could fall out during treatment.
  • The shaft could spin in the chuck and destroy it.
  • Excessive loads may be placed on the ball bearings, gears and chuck, e.g. by tools that are too long.
  • A grooved/notched shaft may become jammed in the instrument clamping area.

The KaVo Box.

Simple repair processing for instruments

Maintenance and service must work smoothly and easily today –
no challenge whatsoever with the KaVo BOX for efficient KaVo factory repairs:

  • KaVo Original factory repair is performed by us directly at KaVo in Biberach, without diversions 
  • Specialised technicians with a high level of experience and competence
  • Maximum quality through the use of KaVo original spare parts, tools and testing equipment
  • You know in advance how much you will save later: Attractive fixed prices for almost all repairs 

The KaVo BOX offers easy-to-understand, simple and quick repair processing for almost all KaVo instruments and small equipment.

More Information KaVo BOX

*This offer is not available in all countries.

A KaVo product should remain a KaVo product.

Proper care, regular maintenance and original spare parts are essential for ensuring that a KaVo product remains a genuine KaVo product. 

We are here for you – KaVo ensures that we can provide you with excellent service, together with our certified service partners, allowing you to focus all of your attention on your patients during routine work in your dental practice. Your certified KaVo repair partner can be recognised by this symbol. 

One of them will be in your area and is your first point of contact for maintaining and servicing your KaVo products.

You will only find true Dental Excellence with KaVo.

KaVo Original parts – safety during daily dental practice.

In addition to the reliability of the KaVo service, the fact that original parts are exclusively used for repairs plays an important role for the user, as this allows us to guarantee maximum durability, reliable function and, last but not least, absolute legal security.

The KaVo service guarantees the customer the best service and repair quality, since KaVo does not use any generic spare parts, only original spare parts. This is the only way to maintain dental excellence – for the entire life of the dental practice.

If you would like to learn more, you can find interesting articles on this topic in the KaVo blog:

Quality pays off, every day

e-Service when you want it.

Easy. Consistent. Everywhere.

With KaVo e-Service, we offer you simple and fast online support for your KaVo equipment, software programs, applications, databases and server services at attractive and fixed prices. In many cases, this allows you to spare yourself the effort of scheduling appointments, as well as the technician's travel expenses to and from the site: KaVo IT specialists and service technicians perform the desired services remotely on your dental practice network. 

Response times are optimised and downtimes in the practice are minimised because we carry out the KaVo e-Service at a pre-agreed time. Another benefit is the complete cost transparency and control: Billing is subject to clearly defined and attractive conditions. The data protection is as secure as the fair conditions: Connection to your dental practice systems is established via a specially secured line, offering the highest level of data protection. In addition, the connection is only established after you give your express permission.

KaVo e-Service