KaVo Operating Lights

Perfect light for the perfect view.

Spot on – discover the world of KaVo operating lights.

Good vision needs good light. A homogeneous, evenly distributed light field is a prerequisite for precise work in the smallest of spaces. To achieve perfect precision when performing dissections or colour matching your patient's teeth, you need a daylight-quality operating light with optimal colour mixing – irrespective of the position of the patient's head.

Dental excellence that is spot on – with KaVo operating lights, you can create perfect lighting conditions.

Leuchtenportfolio in KaVo Premium Qualität:

KaVoLUX™️ 540 LED

Optimal visibility for ideal processing.


The obvious lighting choice for any treatment.

Cutting-edge lighting technology

KaVo operating lights have captivated dentists around the world – they are technologically innovative, individually adjustable, hygienic and - above all - ensure perfect illumination of the patient's mouth, bringing light into routine dental practice.

All advantages of the KaVo operating lights for dentists at a glance.

  • LED technology.
  • Highest LED daylight quality for optimal treatment results.
  • 35,000 – 40,000 lux maximum light intensity.
  • Dimmable luminosity without changes in colour temperature.
  • Excellent treatment results due to perfect colour mixing and a homogeneous, even light field.
  • Ergonomic design for effortless handling.
  • Flexible and ergonomic adjustment for any treatment position.
  • Hygiene is easy, thanks to removable, easy-to-clean and sterilisable components, such as the handles.
  • Available with optional intelligent features for effective and safe work.
  • Ceiling adaptation or mounting pole also available.
  • Noiseless because there is no fan.
  • Long service life ensured by the high-quality workmanship.

These are the components required for optimal illumination of the oral cavity:

  • A homogeneous light field that casts no shadows for the dentist or the assistant
  • Flexible positioning to suit any treatment position
  • Individually adjustable operating light intensity that can be adjusted to the ambient light conditions
  • Daylight quality for true colour matching of tooth shades