Hygiene Treatment Units

Hygiene has always been a focus in dental practice.

This is why KaVo has been developing intelligent, integrated and effective hygiene solutions for efficient practice workflow for years. Only those who see and recognise the potential risks can take optimal precautions – at KaVo this goes without saying.

The KaVo hygiene portfolio includes products and workflows that make working in accordance with the latest hygiene standards and guidelines as easy and safe as possible. 

Das KaVo Hygiene-Portfolio umfasst Produkte und Workflows, die das Arbeiten nach den neuesten Hygiene-Standards und -Richtlinien so einfach und sicher wie möglich machen. 

Since the factors of time and cost efficiency also play a very important role in the dental practice, special attention is paid to ensuring that hygiene in your practice is not only safe, but also efficient.

Dental excellence for optimum hygiene in the dental practice – it is always a clean affair with KaVo.

Be immediately captivated by the intelligent KaVo solutions for perfect hygiene at all levels:


The ultimate solution for safe cleaning and disinfection.


Intensive germ reduction the easy, reliable and effective way.

This automatically makes hygiene in the dental practice fun.

KaVo cleverness for extra safety and efficiency.

KaVo takes a holistic and integrated approach to be able to offer you a true benefit in terms of safety and efficiency when it comes to hygiene. 

Hygiene plays an important role already in the early stages, such as design and construction, as well as during the selection and processing of the right surface materials – only high-quality materials and easy-to-clean surfaces with minium gap dimensions will
guarantee permanently safe and hygienic work. 

According to KaVo, hygiene is simply well thought out and clever:

  • High quality, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Small gap dimensions.
  • Effortless removal of important equipment parts for easy disinfection.
  • All upper and lower parts of the housing are completely closed.
  • Avoid contact and therefore cross-contamination with the KaVo foot control.
  • KaVoLUX 540 LED – contact-free operation and removeable handles with smooth surfaces.
  • Specially matched KaVo cleaning products for fast, effective and guaranteed hygiene.

Hygiene concepts are one unit at KaVo.

Hygiene thought through – KaVo solutions go from A to Z.

More safety in all work steps – discover what comprehensive hygiene means at KaVo. Be captivated by the proven disinfection and cleaning products and the intelligent hygiene features of the KaVo treatment units:

  • The integrated permanent germ reduction with OXYGENAL 6 prevents microorganisms from spreading in your treatment system.
  • The HYDROclean programme also ensures fully automatic cleaning of the suction and drainage system.
  • A benefit in terms of hygiene with the KaVo ESTETICA E70 / E80 Vision and the KaVo uniQa: The bottles of disinfectant and sanitising substance can be placed directly in the device body – the time-consuming mixing and refilling of the agents is no longer necessary.
  • Rigorous germ reduction: Flawless quality of cooling and rinsing liquids - even after long periods of inactivity.
  • Instrument rinsing function according to Robert Koch Institute (RKI) guidelines: Optimal cleaning of the water-bearing tubes.
  • Hygienic hoses: Special materials prevent or minimise the formation of biofilm.
  • Hygienic filter: The easy and quick-to-change suction and filter sieves save a lot of time on hygiene work.
  • Detachable parts: The handles, silicone mats, cuspidors, instrument trays and swing arm are removable, easy to clean and some can be sterilised.
  • Contact-free operation: Functions such as the (wireless) foot control and the contact-free operation of the KaVoLUX 540 LED minimise the risk of cross-contamination and maximise safety for you and your patient.
  • Better protection thanks to the spray water non-return valve, as this prevents contaminated spray water from being drawn back into the treatment unit hoses.
  • German Gas and Water Association (DVGW)-certified water block: The water block with free water inflow fulfils DVGW requirements and prevents any possible back contamination in your supply line.

Hygiene Videos

Don't take any risks!

Effective prevention with consistent KaVo hygiene.

The risk: If there is insufficient hygiene, there is a risk of cross-infection from patient to patient – and dentists and the practice team are also exposed to an increased health risk. This is because during and after use on the patient, mirrors, probes, tweezers, handpieces and contra-angles, turbines and heads, as well as the surfaces of the treatment unit are contaminated with microbes.

The pathogens: Three potential pathogens must be eliminated:

  1. Bacteria associated with caries, periodontal disease, pulpitis, gangrene or abscesses.
  2. Bacteria that provoke tonsillitis and pneumonia, tuberculosis, diphtheria and other diseases.
  3. Viruses that can cause common infections such as the common cold and flu, herpetic diseases, AIDS or hepatitis B.

The risk of infection: In the transmission of diseases, the risk factors of humans and work equipment play an equally important role. In addition to droplet infection and inoculation, the main possible infection routes are via the blood, pus and saliva, which adhere to the inside and outside of instruments.

The precaution: Due to these health risks, hygienic work clothing, as well as hand and mouth protection, are absolutely essential during every treatment. After each use, the instruments and the treatment unit must be effectively processed in accordance with the legal requirements. The use of disposable material is also a matter of course.