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Now your original KaVo factory repair with the KaVoBox system comes with fixed prices in Luxembourg. We have a team of highly trained, specialized technicians ready to service and repair all your KaVo products in our factory using only KaVo original spare parts and testing equipment. Maximum cost transparency through standard repair prices.

KaVo BOX Repair Shop

Welcome to the Online Shop - What’s new?

  • ​Login: Your customer data will only be requested once: as part of the initial registration. With each new order, this data is then automatically provided.
  • With your initial registration, you will receive a voucher of €30
  • Status Tracking: You can track the status of your repair at any time
  • Order History: You have access to all your orders


KaVo BOX Repair Shop

Your benefits:

Our fixed price:

  • Attractive fixed prices for almost all repairs
  • Full coverage with existing warranty
  • Automatic pick-up and delivery of the KaVo BOX™
  • 1-year warranty on repair and replaced parts
  • Time-saving online ordering
  • The fixed price covers the following typical repair services:
    Service Catalogue - KaVo Original Factory Repair (PDF)

Our best performance:

  • KaVo Original Factory Repair directly with us, without detours
  • Specialised professionals with high experience and competence
  • Top quality due to the use of KaVo original spare parts, tools and test equipment
  • Fast return to your practice

Easy online ordering with status tracking

With fixed prices
You know in advance what you will pay

KaVo original spare parts
Provide safety and longevity for your KaVo products

Fast return of their repair


  • Your repairs will be repaired directly at the KaVo factory.
  • Only KaVo original spare parts are used for repairs. For reasons of hygiene and functional safety, as well as longevity, there is no alternative.
  • After each repair, you will receive an additional 1-year warranty on the repaired function and the replacement parts used.
  • KaVo Original Factory Repair uses exclusively KaVo original spare parts. These are specially developed by KaVo for functional and hygienic safety as well as longevity and are subject to strict control.
  • Many repair shops use replicated spare parts for cheap repair prices. Such generic spare parts pose a danger for the patient and for the dental team and the safety for function and hygiene is no longer guaranteed.
  • If original spare parts are not installed in your product, KaVo must in this case reject any claim for warranty or goodwill.
  • If damage occurs to material or if persons suffer injury, this places the dentist in an unfavourable situation.
  • The market for dental instrument repair offers is large and of course there are cheaper suppliers. But your dental instruments and equipment are medical devices and safety is paramount. Only KaVo original spare parts guarantee you this safety. Therefore, we strongly advise against foregoing this.
  • Visit our website.
  • Select an instrument to be repaired and the corresponding defect and place the order in the shopping cart.
  • Thanks to a one-off registration, your data is already stored in your account for the next order.
  • Within seconds, you will receive an email confirming the order. You will receive the UPS® tracking number along with the order confirmation in an email.
  • In addition, the order automatically triggers a pick-up service by our partner UPS®, with your repair being picked up the next business day directly in your practice.
  • Please use only our repair shop to order your original factory repair. We will be happy to take care of your products.
  • If you already have suitable packaging, you do not need to order an empty KaVo BOX™.
  • If you need packaging, you can request empty packaging in the new repair store by filling out the appropriate form. Please ensure that you only place your repair order once you have received the empty packaging.
  • With fixed repair prices, you know what your repair will cost before submitting your products, giving you control and transparency over your repair costs.
  • The clear and simple process without a cost estimate eliminates time-consuming processes. This means you receive your finished repair back faster.
  • The fixed prices are calculated so that your repairs are on average cheaper than with individual prices.
  • Small repairs
    In the case of a small repair, only the “small service package” for the price of €69 will be charged (list price plus VAT). The small service package usually includes cleaning, disassembly, failure analysis, care and oiling, installation of small parts, testing and safety inspection.
  • The condition of the product is close to the total economic loss
    Your product is defective in parts that may jeopardise economic repair, e.g. defective housing due to falling damage, defective light guides or similar. In this case, you will get a quote, so you can choose to have it repaired or buy a new instrument.
  • You are in the product selection and cannot find your product. So, you want to submit a product that does not (yet) have a fixed repair price. Select <product with no fixed price>.
  • When selecting such products, the repair takes a little longer, as a quote must be prepared and queried before your product can be reintegrated into the repair process.
  • If the repair costs are in the range below €100, no cost estimate will be created.

In the case of a small repair you will be charged instead of the standard repair price, the “small service package” for the price of €69 (list price plus VAT). This usually includes cleaning, disassembly, failure analysis, care and oiling, testing and safety inspection.

  • In the KaVo BOX™ repair process, the pick-up of your repair is automatically built in. This saves you, for example, the cumbersome phone calls in a telephone loop to arrange the pick-up appointment with UPS®.
  • UPS® will pick up your repair the next working day. Please make sure that you can be reached on this day during normal business hours (8.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.).
  • You ordered a repair, but the UPS® pick-up the next working day did not take place.
  • In more than 90% of all cases, your repair will be picked up the next working day. The following exceptions are still possible:
    • UPS® was not able to pick-up the next working day, e.g. if UPS® wishes to pick it up when the practice is closed (for example during lunch break).
    • The pick-up is delayed e.g. by a wrong address or your location is in a remote area. You can track the current pick-up status at any time via your tracking number.

Yes. KaVo grants a one-year warranty on the repair and on the replaced parts.

Tips for extending the life of rotating instruments can be found here.

Yes and no. Thanks to the fixed repair prices, everything is clearly structured and transparent, so you know the costs of the repair even before you send your product to us. This eliminates the time-consuming process of estimating costs in approx. 90% of all your repair shipments. This means you will get your completed repair back much faster.
There is one exception:

  • When the technical repair of your instrument is close to the cost of a new instrument. In this case we will send you a cost estimate because you should now have the choice of purchasing a new KaVo instrument or opting for the repair.

Do you still have questions?

You can find the answers in our FAQs. You can also contact us.
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